Blessings from Altai!

Blessings from Altai!

A Sacred Wisdom Portal

In the summer of 2011, a sacred journey was taken to a remote area of Siberia. A fellowship was called together for a profound mystical purpose in the Altai region’s sacred Mt. Belukha.

Called to this journey were New Age Mystics from the Americas.  The Koji Mamo shaman of Columbia journeyed from their Sacred Mountain in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 

For one week, this mystical group conducted a sacred ceremony in the Altai mountains, led by Navajo Wisdom Keeper, Patricia Anne Davis.

Simultaneously, grounding groups located around the world expanded and grounded the energy released from the portal into the collective conscience of humanity. 

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Altai High Mountain Energy Portal

Sending New Earth energy worldwide since 2011

Join Grounding Groups in meditation and celebration through art music dance.

Gold Star Meditation for Activation and Grounding
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