Judith Channeling for Carol

JKM 12-13-10 Carol Hiltner-The Fellowship of Altai-Russia and the Ancient Ones

Judith in Chimayo, Carol in Seattle and Sean at the sanctuary 9 am PST

Name : Carol Hiltner
Email Message : Londa Damon suggested I contact you. I was called to the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia in 1999 by light beings, to “open a gate” and translate etheric tablets. I have proceeded with this, but there is clearly more to do. In 2011 (July 14-Aug4), I will be leading a horse-assisted trek to Mt. Belukha, where there is a massive energy vortex that is the center-point of my work. Londa thought you might be able to facilitate a greater opening. Complete information is at www.AltaiMir.org/trekinfo.htm If this interests you, please contact me. Thank you!

J. I am working with a Larisa and Viktoria in NY both Russian ladies with the Great Light of Russia.

C. I know Sophia and Larisa but not Viktoria.

J. How did you find me.

C. Skye told me I needed to meet Gloria who introduced me to Londa, and she told me I needed to connect with you.

J. I think we have something we need to do. You are on the west coast and Londa doesn’t know AliAma Joy on the east coast. AliAma Joy is the person who first referred Larisa to me. I have done phenomenal work with Larisa and Viktoria. I am fascinated by this connection because I am very dear friends with a woman from the Ukraine and have been quite connected to the powerful energies from civilizations of light in that region. I just did a channeling last week with Viktoria or Larisa about this great light for the planet. I have archived their readings. How do you know Larisa?

C. She is a friend of Sophia Blank who lives in NYC.

J. For one of those women I channeled of this great civilization of light from a parallel universe. They came here and colonized Earth and left the light here. Then the corridor closed. It has a connection to Anastasia and the Anastasia books and to what I know of Ukraine. There was a powerful message about these light ships are returning. They are coming back to find their ancestors that they seeded a group of people on the planet who they would return in light ships. Because they brought this great light connected to the soul of the Earth and the soul of Creation. They came in light ships and seeded colonies here and then the time corridor closed and they were quarantined off Earth because of our level of density. The time corridor closed. Now they told us that they were going to return in light ships. It is connected to Larisa and Viktoria and the work we are doing. There is a big connection to restoring the primordial rhythm of the planet. Restoring Earth to a consciousness where we are living in harmony with Galactic time and the rhythm of the pulse of that Genesis Factor that it is a vibration when soul is created. It is vibration when soul enters consciousness. This is a vibration of very powerful force that will awaken the Great Light on the planet.

C. Let me start speaking and tell me if this resonates for you. I understood before I went to Altai the 1st time that there was a Great civilization there and there diaspora out of the civilization. Basically everybody left suddenly. It was a highly evolved civilization and I was a part of it. There is a woman here in Seattle who who was quite aware of it who helped me remember that. The memory that I have is that it was 30,000 years ago. The Earthly reality was that the climate changed. So they could no longer be in that place.

J. That is because it was a shift in the Galactic continuum.

C. Paleo archeologically there was a sea where there was a big western plateau of China and the Altai Mountains are directly to the north of that and the Himalayas are directly to the south of that. I had visions on multiple occasions seeing a circle of white robed light beings that are basically sitting in chairs above the Earth. I come up to their knees as a human.

J. The giants.

C. But they are light beings and transparent.

J. Luminescent.

C. But also transparent you can see through them. In one of my visions there was a chair and it was my chair in the circle. When I sat in the chair I was also transparent and I could look down and see the planet and it was really cool.

I am wondering if the Gate that Londa said to me that the gate that she sees that needs to be opened is the Gate that will enable the Ancient Ones to come back.

J. That is the theme to Sean and My work with the opening of the portals of the Ancients. It is a constant theme that will allow them to come back. Micro and macro cosmic.

C. The Altai people know that they are coming back. That is one of the things that they talk about.

J. That is what I was just channeling for Viktoria. They are coming back. That they have made contact with us because we are their descendants. I don’t have any Russian heritage but energetically I am sure. In Holland I did a powerful reading for a woman about this Great civilization of light in Russia. It is everywhere in my archives.

S. Any connection with Madame Blavatsky?

J. I am sure. Why did they bring us together, Carol, and how can we serve their purpose. What is needed?

C. I think that I need help. I am not of Russian heritage either but there was a diaspora out of Altai and basically they are all over the planet now.

J. That is what the transmission said exactly.

S. The lady with the after care project and channels Metatron.

J. Viktoria.

S. To open portals of light for the star seed children.

J. Viktoria, Larisa, Carol, Christy and Madeline, Judith, Sean and AliAma in a conference call next week. To connect the energy that each of us carry. We have been called by them to be of service to them. How can I serve you Carol?

C. You are to come with me to Altai maybe this year.

J. Spirit just told me you are going to go with her to Altai. I was waiting to see if you said it.

C. It is challenging to lead the group. It is scheduled from July 14th to Aug. 4th, 2011. My guidance is to be there for 3 months this summer from the end of May.

J. We need to be totally free of your administrative responsibilities. (correct) because we need to do this shaman work there. The shamans are calling us. I feel that Madeline may be part of this because she is a very strong and incredible gifted spiritual friend. She has been to the Altai and has deep spiritual connection. After your trek in Aug. There are certain astro logical alignments and gates that will open during your trek and that trek will make the way. There will be a manifestation of energy that will bring me there where we can just focus on listening to them. As a medium when I get into that field it has been calling me for years since the 90s when the book Entering the Circle came out. I was on fire reading that book. I feel the Gates will be opened ahead of us. I need to mention to you that while you were talking before you said about me coming to the Altai 5 min. ago, my whole body started going into shaking.

C. I get that through the connection we have made now your body is going to be shifted to be easier for you when you are there. Whatever needs to be opened for you to be able to manage that energy and stay alive is going to be seeping into you in a manageable dose.

J. I agree and I have been building for this for years like Olympic training. This morning was about facilitating to get people to assist me. It speaks of an multi-dimensional experience I had in S. Utah with a elder grandmother who said it begins now. She said you will be taken to the places on the Earth where the energy must be opened and it begins now. You will be taken. I feel that it is affirmed. Sean? (yes)

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