Altai Fellowship – Overview

The ALTAI FELLOWSHIP is a self-selected international group that gathered in the Altai Republic in Siberia July-August, 2011 to open an energy portal and transmit this energy out into the world

How to Participate in this continuing work

  • The Gold Star Meditation designed for the Grounding of Altai Energy is now available for replay or download
  • Grounding Groups have activated over 46 Portal Sites worldwide
  • On the New Moon of August 29th, 2011, another Group will be in Ceremony on the Mongolian side of Altai, please continue to connect and ground this energy through this window of time.
  • Become an Altai Supporter. Most of our group work full time in service to Spirit, so travel funds are requested; and Frequent Flier Miles, especially SkyTeam are very helpful. Donations and Altai Fellowship Travel Cap purchases will help fund the future work of the Fellowship in sharing the teachings of Altai through lectures, workshops and retreats.


Altai has been a place of healing and pilgrimage for millennia. They have a well-known prophecy that “out of Altai will come hope for the world.” Dare we hope that this event is the beginning of the fulfillment of that prophecy? Altai is also known as a place from which the gates of Shambhala can be accessed.

There are numerous explanatory articles, reports, slide shows, and videos linked to the home page at Details about the traveling there are found at Also, substantial logistical as well as channeled information is available on this blog with a password, which can be passed to you by any of the participants.

We understand that this is a gate to Shambhala, which is the enlightened spiritual governance of Planet Earth by “Light Beings,” through the vehicle of the heart. This gate was apparently closed when planetary governance shifted from spiritual to material at some point in the distant past. We understand that the opening of the gate will indicate the shift back to spiritual governance from the heart in conjunction with the “ascension” of Earth and all her children to a higher consciousness.

Two overlapping groups have been  interacting to prepare for and implement the opening: the Trekking Group that has ceremony in sacred places around Altai for the purpose of harmonizing ourselves with the fabled Altai energy; and the Second Wave, which has opened the energy portal on August 13 and is continuing to transmit the accessed energy for the next week, flooding the Earth’s unified field with life force to enable The Great Shift to spiritual governance from the heart.

In this process, we will actively collaborate with both indigenous Altai people and Native Americans. Indigenous elders from various “tribes” have stepped forward to join the groups in Altai.

To optimize the flow that is accessible at this time, humans around the world are called to ground the energy into the Earth (similar to an electrical circuit).


2 responses to “Altai Fellowship – Overview”

  1. i would like to join your site I am very impressed

    1. Thank you for joining us! You can download the meditation for free and join the mailing list for updated information.

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