Just What Will Happen This Summer?

First …

In July and early August, the Trekking Group will be traveling around Altai and doing sacred ceremony as guided by Spirit. Traditional wisdom seems to be that there must be a single spiritual leader for such a group. However, what we are finding is that all of our trekkers have direct connection to guidance, and that no single leader will set the tone. Because we are all accessing the same Source, that sacred ceremony will arise organically as a function of our group intention.

One of the realities of being within the Altai energy field is that our individual energy fields are brought into resonance to the more powerful field. The practical result of that is that any trauma/pain/anger/fear/disease that we have stored in our individual field (which are, by definition, blockages) will be pressed upon. The general mechanism is that this access enables us to release the causative trauma, but only as we re-experience the associated feelings — with the choice of either projecting them on others and thus remaining powerless victims or of owning them, which somehow heals them.  So, we of the Trekking Group will be madly healing ourselves, singly and collectively, and thus being harmonized with the flow of life force Altai energy field that is the carrier of Spirit onto the “light grid” of planet Earth, the gates that have been closed due to our trauma-caused density will open. We understand that one of these gates will open the way to recovery of heart-based governance on Earth.

Then …

Most of the Trekking Group will join with a new group, the Second Wave, in a sacred place where we will camp for a week for the purpose of transmitting the flow of life force, that now flows through us, out onto the global “light grid,” to be “downloaded” — funneled into Mother Earth — through the bodies of Grounding Groups. Thus, the Grounding Groups around the world will also be aligned and charged with this life force.

The reason this is happening now is because of our position in cycles of cosmic forces. The prophecies we all know about are brought forth by people who are in some way attuned to these cycles. During this prophesied transition period, the Earth is being flooded with life force that will eventually bring all of humanity into harmonic resonance just as our Altai group will be “harmonized” this summer. Much of this flood of life force is coming into the Earth’s field through Altai.

Because Altai Mir University’s mission speaks of our bridging ancient wisdom with today’s world, and because we will be interacting with the carriers of that wisdom, there is apparently some confusion about what we will be transmitting.

It is not so much “wisdom/knowledge” that is being accessed/transmitted — it is a precursor to those, which I will call “coherent potential.”

  • For wisdom/knowledge to take root, the field of consciousness/conscienceness must be receptive.
  • Continuing the metaphor, the crust (of our social conditioning about what is real) must be plowed up (spiritual activism).
  • Then fertilizer — life force, charge, coherent potential, hope — must be applied to make the ground fertile (grounding groups).
  • Only then can the seeds (wisdom/knowledge/healing) flourish.

So basically, we are going to be transmitting sacred shit (LOL), and the Grounding Groups will apply it to their local “fields,” as part of a fundamental life-giving process. And only once the field is prepared, for those who hold the intention, Indigenous wisdom will provide the seeds of their wisdom/knowledge for the growth of respectful, sustainable, unified, heart-based human culture. And the energy exchange for these seeds must be given now, as whatever resources are necessary to sustain Indigenous cultures until we are prepared to receive their sacred gifts.

6 responses to “Just What Will Happen This Summer?”

  1. I was told in France in 2000 that I would participate in a “Planetary Shift called World Axis Alignment” – anchoring, aligning, congruency & interconnecting seems to be the process now coming to fruition – blessings, Patricia

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