What Is the Altai “High Vibrational Energy Field”?

Please excuse my terminologies and translate them as well as you can into your own understandings. English is not suited to conveying spiritual information, so I am compelled to use a series of metaphors, so rather than looking for a literal understanding, note instead how you feel when you read this material. That will give you the most accurate understanding of what I’m trying to convey.

Tuning into the Altai Frequency

Our human senses are similar to radio channels — touch is a soft rock station, sight is a jazz station, etc. Our perception is a narrow band in a very broad spectrum of vibrational frequencies. Humanity as a whole has been tuned into a “material” network, with very limited awareness of other vibrations.

The transition that is now being so widely discussed globally is apparently the culmination of natural galactic cycles, with the result being an expansion of human consciousness after a period of chaos. While tuned into our “material” network, we have collectively forgotten that there is no such thing as separation. We have been operating under the illusion that we are independent beings, rather than integral parts of an awesomely complex and completely inclusive system that goes by the names of “live,” “love,” and “Oneness.” Fortunately, through the ages there have been a few people who have been able to maintain at least some awareness of the larger system. These are our shamans, seers, oracles, prophets, mystics, and sacred fools. Indigenous cultures that have maintained the concept of “power with” have maintained deeper awareness than Western cultures that have adopted “power over” concepts. Even so, the links have been tenuous, and have been maintained with great sacrifice.

The protection of Shambhala and the White Brotherhood

Apparently, all previous attempts to navigate through the chaos have failed, with references to the destruction of Atlantis, extinguished life on Mars, and the explosion of the Planet Maldek into the asteroid belt. This time, however, we seem to be coming through.

Many shamans and mystics have understood through their awareness that at some point in Earth’s history, humanoids of some sort were fully aware. According to my guidance from Spirit, there was a great spiritually-based civilization in Central Asia, during a time when the Xingjiang Plateau of western China was a great sea. When humanity cycled into its current “materialistic” way of being, the enlightened beings were no longer generally accessible to humanity. In other words, the access portal was closed to us. In connecting the bits of information I receive, I understand that this civilization was Shambhala and the beings are what are now known as the “White Brotherhood.”

However, in the great mountain ranges that surround this former sea — the Himalayas, Tienshan, and Altai/Sayan — there are places where the gate or veil is thin and the immense energies of life flow freely. In these places, the enlightened beings appear to people as luminous, white, glowing Light Beings. The Altai Range in southern Siberia is such a place, so much so that a whole body of knowledge called the “White Religion” has evolved around people’s encounters with these beings, even to the present day. In fact, it was these Light Beings who came to me in a dream in 1998 and asked that I come to Altai. I thought I was imagining things, of course, although the sensation that came with the invitation was so powerful that I did go, and was amazed to find the traditions alive and well there.

As part of that first invitation, I understood that I was to open an energy portal and translate some tablets. It took me several trips there to accomplish that. I understand that the energy portal was my own access to Oneness and the tablets I was translating were a blueprint to this access. Even after completing this quest to my satisfaction, I continued to feel called to return year after year, as my psychic awareness continued to open and my physical health continued to improve.

The Challenges of the Altai Journey

Altai is not an easy gig. It was, at the time, days by car and train from the nearest airport, and the sacred places could only be accessed after more days on foot or horseback. Weather is unpredictable, and snow in July is not uncommon. But the most difficult aspect, which is so common that the locals joke about it, is that whatever traumas we have buried in our beings — physical, emotional, mental — get triggered. The effect of a trauma is to block the energy flow, and in the presence of the extraordinary flow of energy through Altai, our blockages re-surface painfully. At that point, we have a choice: 1) to project the pain onto whoever is nearby and blame them (causing monumental arguments), or 2) to own the pain and release it, thus healing it.

Because the flow of “life” force is so strong in the Altai area, Altai shamans are renowned for their power. Western technology has finally advanced to the point that it can actually measure this flow, vindicating what the shamans have been saying. Unfortunately, until now, Western scientists have not extrapolated this into a vindication of the truth of the remainder of shamanistic experience — that everything is alive and connected.

Expanded Consciousness

But as we approach the cyclic transition to expanded human consciousness, more and more people have been able to directly access this flow. We understand that humanity has reached a tipping point, at which general access to expanded consciousness will once more be accessible. This is what we are calling the opening of the gate, and the purpose of the Altai Fellowship is to “midwife” this rebirth by actively transmitting the energy out into human consciousness, beginning on August 13, 2011 and actively continuing for a week. The amount of flow, however, depends on the energy then being grounded into the Earth. similar to an electrical system.

Thus, we are calling on people around the world to ground this energy. The personal effect of participating in this grounding is that one’s own energy blockages will be cleared and access to expanded awareness will be enhanced. And this effect is amplified if done in groups.

Blessings all!

8 responses to “What Is the Altai “High Vibrational Energy Field”?”

  1. Dear Fellow Light Workers;
    I am working on a screenplay about the visionary plateau “Belkula” on Mt. Belukha. It will be fictional set in 3000AD. Any light and energy you can send toward this project is well appreciated.

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  4. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and
    interesting, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail
    on the head. The problem is something that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy I stumbled across this in my search for something
    concerning this.

    1. Thank you hugely for your encouragement; it was an enormous emotional boost. I have been working since our 2011 expedition on a book, for the purpose of expressing cogently what happens (to me) in Altai; it is now in the editing process. I experienced an overwhelming spiritual “reset” during that expedition; three years later, I’m at the beginning stages of accessing the spiritual connection that was opened. Each incremental broadening of awareness has involved a few days of bliss-filled fuzzy-headedness followed by a month or more of integration before I’m ready to delve deeper. The message is the same each time — “BE LOVE!” — approached from a different angle.

  5. Hello friends, nice article and pleasant arguments commented at this place, I am in fact enjoying by these.

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