A Communication with the Illuminated Beings in Altai

May 14, 2011  UPDATE: Communication with the Illuminated Beings in Altai Part two has been published

This is an excerpt of a communication on behalf of the Altai Fellowship that came through with the help of Maia Rose, who is a member of the Altai Fellowship.  A spokeswoman for the Brotherhood of Light started communicating with Maia last fall.  When asked, the Almas (Siberian Bigfoot people) also began communicating with her this spring.  The rest of the communication will be shared with the Grounding Group before the July 30th Preparatory Call.

I am communicating with the White Brotherhood, also known as the Illuminated Beings.

I see members of the white brotherhood standing on white cliffs holding a white book.  They, the mountain and the book all appear to be made of white light.  A spokesperson steps forward to say:  “We are glad to be here and glad to be asked to support your journey.”

What is the nature of the energy portal to be opened in Altai this summer?

This portal is a place where there is a buildup of extra energy that vibrates at a higher frequency which makes it more concentrated, but less dense than the general energy field.  I am seeing it as egg-shaped with the point at the top.

Where does this energy come from?

This Altai portal is a gift from the illuminated beings who brought it to these mountains many millennia ago so it could be preserved. There are also portals preserved in other places around the globe.   This was done in cooperation with Gaia.  The elevation and the minerals in the mountains preserve them.  Gaia has been instrumental in deciding where the portal are.  She is a spiritually evolved being who has chosen to incarnate as a planet.  This is her body and she likes it when there is cooperation and harmony between the peoples and all beings who live on her.

In the same way that humans have tried to separate mind and body medically, people see themselves as separate from the planet.  There is no separation between Gaia and the people and other beings who live on her.  You are learning through medicine that the mind and body is an integrated process; they are not separate entities.  It is also so, between you and Gaia.  When things started to degrade and human society began to evolve separate from the Earth and the animal and plant spirits, the Illuminated Beings asked Gaia what to do with the light energy.  She told them to store the energy in places with high mineral content, so it would be best preserved.

Where did the energy come from in the first place?

From Stars.

The portal is a cache of the energy of creation, originating from the God source.

How do we open this Cache?


I gave a very seemingly simple answer because it the word love encompasses everything.

How should the energy be transmitted?

Do your best and use your intuition.  Your intuition will be heightened when you get there and you will just know what to do.  It doesn’t have to be a dog and pony show; it doesn’t’ have to be song and dance.  The most profound things are quiet and simple.  That is why I said love, because love will take care of it all.

In a way it doesn’t matter how the energy is transmitted. Some people may see an image, but it is not limited to a visual form.  It might come through any sense.  Somebody might hear it as the OM, somebody might feel a tickle on their side or they might feel peaceful or their heart may feel expanded.  The limited consciousness of human’s tries to make everything so small.  Think of a fractal, based on a mathematical infinity— it just goes and goes and goes.  God makes infinite numbers of flowers, all different kinds. The transmission of energy can be done in an infinite number of ways.  Each person can choose one.  If you are looking for one way to know God, you will be disappointed.  God expresses  herself/himself in infinite ways.

Also intention. (Meaning sensing the energy in some form and then setting an intention as to what to do with it.)

Now the wilderness beings (Almas / Bigfoot) in the mountains are saying:  “If we know you intend to do this and you really want to do this, if you choose it, we will be glad to help.  If you want it (and you do) and we want it (and we do), then it’s a done deal.”  The most profound things can be simple, like a Rumi poem.

Is the Altai portal opening a part of a global transition?

Machu Picchu and other mountainous regions like the Himalayas also have energy caches, partly because the mountains are up high and partly because of the mineral content that stores the energy.  (Metal is a conductor of energy including emotions and that‘s why, from time to time, metal jewelry needs to be energetically cleaned.)  In rocky areas, the metal ores conduct energy.

To conduct the energy of light and love, the Illuminated Ones went to the mountains where the energy could be conducted and stored.   Some of the other caches around the world are being opened.  The openings will happen sequentially.  The Illuminated Ones know when the time is right and will call people to come and open them because this needs to be a joint endeavor.  Earth is a “free-will” planet so humans need to actively choose to do this.

Gaia has her own ideas about her life.  She interacts with the beings on her as a very literally a part of her.  First there’s soil.  The seeds grow in the soil and then the animals eat the plants.  The fish also eat the various substances of Gaia’s body.  So, our human bodies came from her.  We are part of her.  We are not separate from her.  We are an integral part of her and she is an integral part of us.  That is how synchronicity works, it is a mutual agreement between parts of the same whole.

What effect is the opening of the portal going to have on ourselves and our communities?

The effect on each person will be individual and it will be exactly what they want it to be because they will create it with their intention.  It will look the way they want it and be how they want it.

The effect on the community will be the degree to which they act on their intuition.  The more people act, the more the energy will flow through them.

How is this related to the ascension of the Earth?

The ascension of the Earth means that the vibrational frequency rises and along with it people’s consciousness rise.   When these portals open up around the globe, the energy brought in supports the ascension.  The more light and unconditional love there is on Earth, the easier it will be.

Not only will Gaia and the atmosphere and the whole 3rd dimension be moving towards the 4th dimension, but people’s consciousness will be expanding.  The mind does not exist inside the brain, the brain exists inside the mind.  The mind field will be vibrating faster and people will be sensing their interconnectedness more and have more kindness and unconditional love for each other.  It is kindness, unconditional love, and wise mind knowing that will create the ascension; but these qualities will also be created by the ascension.  Gaia is ascending whether we all go with her or not, that’s where she’s going, that is her intention.

Is there anything we can do to ease the suffering of Mother Earth and the life that she supports?

Well, stop thinking of her as suffering.  Think of it as experiencing.  Different individuals come into incarnation for different experiences.  Everybody is having the experience that they more or less volunteered for.  We don’t have to see people as suffering or victims to be willing to help them.  When you assist someone it benefits you also.  People are experiencing that in Japan after the tsunami.

Like two cells in the body: they don’t perceive each other as suffering or being a victim, they just work to come back into balance.  You also don’t have to be mean hearted and think “Well that person volunteered to have this experience, so I don’t need to help.”  An aspect of opening the portal is to inspire action steps for sharing unconditional love.  This will in turn increase the planetary vibration and thus the rate of ascension.  If you think of it as suffering, the energy gets stuck in that concept and consequentially has a lower vibrational level.

If you really think of Gaia as a woman in a planet body, she volunteered, too.  Her lifetime is longer than a human lifetime, but she is a very spiritual woman having this planetary experience.  So you can imagine that to her having an earthquake is like a human having the flu or getting physically out of balance in some other way.  She suffers much more for lack of unconditional love than from any specific earth event.  Remember that HAARP is doing some of the damage. And unconditional love is a way of addressing that too.

Is there anything else that we should let people know?

Everybody needs to play, play, play!  Laugh, sing, dance, be goofy, hug.  Some of the “right action” needs to be play!  Do creative things, paint, draw, sing, if you are loving life you are living in “right action“!

It’s all going to come right eventually.  The balance will come eventually.  Be optimistic.  Like Uncle Harry Jim, the Kahuna says, “The gig is rigged.“  Gaia wants this, so we are going to get to balance somehow.  Humanity’s part of the ascension is to move into intuition and to reach out to amplify the connectedness that already exists.

The people in Japan are experiencing this beautifully because they don’t have anything left, they are learning to use their intuition more and supporting each other.

Trust that everything is going to work out for the highest good.  Use your intuition!

The Altai Fellowship is a self-selected international group that has come together for the purpose of opening an energy gate and transmitting this energy out into the world in the Altai Republic in Siberia July-August, 2011.  This group is organized by Altai Mir University and led by Carol Hiltner, a Seattle-based author/artist/activist facilitating global flourishing of traditional wisdom. 

The mission of Altai Mir University is to build peace by bridging ancient wisdom with today’s world, primarily through leadership exchanges, events, and projects to strengthen indigenous cultures and their value to current global affairs. AMU is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. For the past decade, Carol has focused her efforts on sustaining the sacred land and people of Altai in Siberia and in conveying the ancient wisdom that resides there.

On August 13, 2011, she and a group of fellow pilgrims including Maia Rose will access the reserve cache of life force that has been stored in Altai by Mother Earth and the Brotherhood of Light, and transmit it globally to facilitate global spiritual opening. People around the world are needed to receive and ground this energy. To join the grounding group, you are invited to join us HERE.  To learn more about AMU please visit www.AltaiMir.org

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