Navajo Prayer Shawls from Patricia Anne Davis

We are thrilled that sufficient funds have been donated to purchase air tickets for Navajo wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis to join us in Altai this summer. We are still working on in-country travel funds for her, however. This trip begins the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Patricia.

In a win/win opportunity, Patricia is offering her own gorgeous, handmade Navajo prayer shawls, your purchase of which will support her travel in Altai.  The custom-made shawls start at $100. See photos of samples below. Patricia can be contacted at  Please view her blogsite at

4 responses to “Navajo Prayer Shawls from Patricia Anne Davis”

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  2. Patricia Anne Davis will be available for: Healing – Teaching – Consultations
    In person in Seattle and by phone for a limited time before leaving for Siberia to join the Altai Fellowship in Sacred Ceremony in August

    Wealthcare & Lovecurrency* – Consultant & Trainer
    Native American Concepts – Indigenous Medicine Practitioner
    walking in beauty & living the loving way

    Please make appointments by Cell: 206.778.6721

  3. […] make appointments for trainings, consultations or healing sessions or to purchase handmade prayer shawls by calling directly: 206.778.6721 or email: […]

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