Reports from the field – extraordinary summer shaping up

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I’m on the road again, this time for three busy months in Siberia after a very successful spring of organizing and fund-raising work for this summer’s groups of Altai "light workers." Lots of great news below!

The highlight of the summer will be the opening of an energy portal on the August 13th full moon and transmitting the flow of life force out onto the planet, to be grounded during the following week by as many far-flung people/groups as possible.

A huge amount of information regarding the opening has been received by various oracles over the past six months. That, plus ongoing information, is being posted on a new blog. We invite you to sign up to receive postings, and for support to create a group to ground the Altai energy wherever you are.


We are thrilled to be joined in Altai this year by Navajo wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis, whose presence will not only add a dimension to our spiritual work this summer, but will continue the intercultural indigenous connections that have been a main Altai Mir University objective. Sign up on the blog to be able to download her Gold Star meditation, which is what we recommend using to ground the energy from the Altai portal. In honor of this event, Patricia is offering especially blessed Navajo prayer shawls that she herself has made.

The first Altai Mir University group will arrive on July 14 and will trek to the base of sacred Mt. Belukha. This year will mark my 13th year in Siberia and my 12th trek. Each time has been a profound awakening, as the Belukha trail is known as an energetic birth canal.

A second group will join us at the end of July for a horse-assisted pilgimage onto the sacred Ukok Plateau, known to the ancient Greeks as the "pastures of heaven." From there, we will trek back to a throat-singers’ healing center near Tyungur, the village at the base of Mt. Belukha whose name means "shaman’s drum."

In Tyungur, we will be joined by a third group, most of whom will sit in ceremony with the throat-singers on August 13 to open the energy portal and transmit the energy out during the next week, for you to ground wherever you are on Earth. I will be posting reports and photos on the blog of course, but I recommend that you tune in to the energy directly!

Please share this information widely!

With great joy and gratitude!!

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Altai is more than a place—it is a sacred way of being.

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