Calling in the Altai Angels!

Daniel and Carol in the Caucasus Mountains in 2004, wearing the crocheted clown noses that are Daniel's hallmark.

Daniel Brower is a global lightworker whom we really need with us in Altai. Not only do we need his can-do presence and ever-ready, harmonizing crystal bowls—we need his sacred masculine energy in our otherwise all-goddess trekking group.

Until a few days ago, we all thought his funding was set. His Russian visa, and his ground travel and food in Russia have already been purchased.

But Daniel’s expected funding fell through. To come, he needs either the frequent flier miles or the $2000 for his air ticket within the next week or so.  Those of you who helped get Navajo wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis to Altai will be glad to know that she is now fully funded. I know we can get Daniel to Altai, too!

Are you an Altai Angel, or are there “manifesting” angels in your circle who might feel called to help? If so, please contact Carol and/or donate on our website. 100% of your donation goes to Daniel’s travel fund.

Here’s the magical story of my connecting with Daniel:

Ceremony at the top of the southern-most mountain of the Urals — perched between Europe and Asia — with the Svet Center group playing Daniel's crystal bowls.

When I met Daniel in 2003 as he was changing planes in Seattle, he had received guidance from Spirit that he was to distribute sets of seven crystal bowls (tuned to harmonize the seven main human chakras) to nine sacred sites around the world for a global harmonization ceremony on the fall solstice in 2004.  He had been given the names of the places, and was proceeding to find angels to donate both the bowls and his travel costs. (See

In 2004, he was ready to bring bowls to Russia, as guided. Trouble was, Russia is a big place, and the name he had been given was Agarta. He asked for my help, and I turned to my “Moscow family” that comprises the Svet (Light) Center in Moscow—mystics all! They told me that Agarta is the “mythical” civilization that exists INSIDE the Earth.

Daniel confessed that, yes, the human harmonization WAS for the purpose of connecting with the beings of Inner Earth. That was mind-expanding info, but still didn’t provide an address to which to deliver the bowls. Undeterred, we used the newly available Google maps to find a place in Russia that was actually called Agarta, an ancient archeological site down near the Black Sea at the mouth of the Don River.

So, in August 2004, off we went—two manifesters of magic from the Svet Center (Lena and Rainbow), Daniel, and me—on a wild expedition via train, foot, and automobile angels through southern Russia, visiting caverns and ancient dolmons, looking for a place that resonated. We found many.

To give an example of the magic, one morning Lena went out to the street to find a car to take us to a remote site. The director of a local factory stopped—only because his vision was bad and he thought that Lena was his daughter, flagging him down. He took that as a sign and abandoned his work for the day, gleefully transporting us, stopping only to treat us to fresh local fruit and meals. In the evening, he took us to his home, where his extended family surprised us with a feast and impromptu concert. The place we visited that day was the site eventually chosen for the solstice harmonization celebration.

The bowls were left in possession of the Svet Center group, who traveled south for the fall solstice harmonization, and have been continuing to harmonize with the bowls ever since. Daniel, of course, has continued to distribute crystal bowl sets, most recently to Israel.

With such magic, you see why Daniel MUST be with us in Altai! LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

UPDATE:  June 26.  Daniel has received enough funds to ensure his participation in the sacred Altai Fellowship journey this summer!  Thanks to all the Altai Angels!

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