Altai throat-singers

These gifted young people are part of a renaissance of the sacred Altai culture, playing traditional instruments and throat-singing in the ancient style. These musicians, and several others that we  and others are assisting, come from families that are utterly without financial means, and a $30/month stipend is a godsend for them. Please e-mail Carol if you feel called to contribute, especially on an on-going basis.

Most of the singing is done by Viktor, sitting on the right. He is an 18-year-old student of music at the local college. Listen to him shift from his normal voice to the deep drone, and also to the overtone singing, which sounds flute-like.

He is playing a topshur, a traditional 2-stringed instrument.

Alan and Aylana, on the left, have just now graduated, finishing their formal education. They are married with a three-year-old daughter. Alan has been regularly winning contests, and is going to France in July to begin his international career with a contest there. Some of your contributions into Altai Mir University’s fund for sustainable traditional livelihoods helped him get there.

Alan is playing a topshur and well as the bowed instrument called an ikili. Notice the extraordinary horse-head carving above the tuning pegs. Aylana plays the humuz (mouth harp) and topshur. They both sing as well.

Before and after France, the musicians will work as volunteers to build two cultural centers near Tyungur this summer — a public one for children’s camps and facilitating sustainable traditional livelihoods, and a secluded one as a meditation and healing center at which they will use the throat-singing for vibratory healing.

Please excuse the fact that each song is in a different file. My internet connection here in Altai was not steady enough to allow me to upload them as a single movie.


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  2. Hi, 60/70 of us in Portugal, Sierra de Cabreira, nr the mountains Goces and Laruco, shared a deep experience on the 13th with sacred sounds and the Gold Star Meditation.

    The day began with over 4000 people gathered to celebrate the full moon. The majority chose to be in silence for the morning and following the Altai ceremony, in the evening was a ceremony to dance the elements with rainbow parades of woman and men circling and spiraling magic.

    The sky was filled with incredible lattice patterns and a huge luck dragon spread its wings wide created from fine clouds. As I wondered at the magnitude of this energetic opening…

    With deep thanks to all who shared in this journey of Deep Global Connection!

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