The Five Major Navajo/Dineh Ceremonies

Patricia Anne Davis, MA

The Blessingway

by Patricia Anne Davis

Blessingwayhozhooji: a ceremony to awaken one to natural order (hozho); choosing constructive and life-affirming choices; healing from intentions and decisions that destroy oneself and others.

Navajo ceremonies do not require a conversion process of taking away the precious child within the natural order, and replacing this spiritual SELF-identity with a deficient self-image that has to be re-mediated to some desired end state of progress.

Once awakened to the natural order, we begin living the loving wayhozhooji: literal translation of the blessingway ceremony as translated by my paternal aunt. It is a way of living in reverent revolution, of making decisions that are constructive and life affirming.

Two main ceremonies: Protectionway and Blessingway

These two main ceremonies offer protection from contaminants like the maladaptive emotions of hate, jealousy, anger, guilt, fear, etc. and toxins from the environment.

Five major ceremonies: As five-fingered people, this corresponds to five major ceremonies that every child in the world could benefit by.

  1. Blessingway: the blessing way honors the divine feminine as a nurturer.
  2. Protectionway: divine masculine as a protector-provider.
  3. Purification and cleansing: numerous with specific names for specific purposes.
  4. Spiritual renewal: a nine-day ceremony for spiritual renewal.
  5. Journey to spirit world: the ceremony for a person on their journey to the spirit world.
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4 responses to “The Five Major Navajo/Dineh Ceremonies”

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  2. Is their more to the meaning of Protection way Ceremony?

    1. Ya at’ eeh’

      The purpose of a Navajo/Dineh “protection way” ceremony is to shield one’s self from the maladaptive emotions in order to think, plan, decide, act and manifest peacemaking with creator, sacred-SELF and others. This is powerwithin from creator and creation is to have powerwith others for constructive and life-affirming choices as a humane being.

      The first thing to remember is that the Navajo/Dineh language is in the following Thinking System that I call Affirmative because knowledge of our inherent holiness and wholeness as “humane beings” is built in every person.
      Affirmative thinking system:

      Indigenous knowledge and wisdom
      Spiritual reality is exact in the natural order
      Group consensus: now polarizing into adversary and conflict
      Spiritual morality: constructive and life-affirming choices*

      *Whole-brain thinking is the appropriate us of thinking for constructive and life-affirming choices as humane beings

      Navajo/Dineh “protection way” affirmations set up a healthy boundary in one’s aura and maintains this shield from outside contaminants and toxins like the maladaptive emotions that do not and cannot exist in the body:
      hate, envy, greed, jealousy, anger, shame, guilt, fear, etc.

      The “criminal mind” calls these maladaptive emotions into the body to tell the body wrong information. Thus, war, sickness, addiction, hunger, homelessness and poverty are manifestations of telling the body erroneous information.

      Western programing erroneously imposes a “deficient self-image” on human beings that erroneously can be remediated to some end state, like “civilization,” “enlightenment” or personal salvation and redemption.

      The Western thinking system is in a Euro-centric thinking system. It is a deficient self-image in an Inverse thinking system:

      Phenomenal reality is relative to perception
      Conflict is generated from people fighting for their beliefs in religion, philosophy and theory.
      No spiritual morality: destructive and death-producing choices made and manifested by the “criminal mind”*

      The “criminal mind” is using thinking for what it is not for and to limit thinking.

      Therefore, within this context of the Navajo/Dineh language lens, a “protection way” ceremony is to remember, reawaken
      reclaim and restore one’s sacred-SELF within our sacred place in the universe. The Navajo/Dineh “protection way” ceremony eliminates the need for powerover. It gives authenticity and authority to reframe Tyranny.

      hozho naasha – walking in beauty & living the loving way

      Patricia Anne Davis, MA
      Cell: 206.778.6721
      Whole Systems Designer, specializing in peace making leadership
      Traditional Indian Medicine Diagnostician/Practitioner, specializing in spiritual wellness restoration

  3. so sweet:) it made me cry:(

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