Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Wisdom Keeper, in the “Spirit of Ma’at July 2011”

Hozhooji — Living the Loving Way:

Awakening to the Natural Order with the Ceremonial Change Process

By Patricia Anne Davis, MA Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh
Edited by Carol Hiltner and Karah Pino

Published in the Spirit of Ma’at July 2011

An excerpt is below, click title for entire article:

Carol Hiltner has been working with, and appreciating the spiritual gifts of Dineh wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis for several years now. An authentic Indigenous medicine person, both through initiation and lineage descent, Patricia’s work centers around translating the sacred thinking process which frames the Dineh language into English. Of late her work has stepped up because the world is changing, because the times demand it, and because the ancient Indigenous teachings hold the key to things that will help us remember how to live. You are about to read about the “Ceremonial Change Process”, a practical healing process that arises out of the sacred wisdom of the Dineh. This information really packs a punch, so give yourself time to take it all in and let it go deep enough to strengthen your connection to Spirit.

1) She is providing ceremonial structure to an open group from four continents, called the Altai Fellowship ( On August 13th at the foot of sacred Mt. Bellukha in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, the fellowship will be singing open an energy portal. They will tap into a “reserve” egg of life force that has been prepared by the Brotherhood of Light for Mother Earth in time of need. Over the following week, will transmit the energy onto the global light grid, to be grounded by light workers around the world. Due to border-related travel restrictions, it is not possible for additional people to be at Mt. Belukha to transmit. However, people all over the world are encouraged to ground the energy locally, amplifying their effectiveness by gathering groups. Preparatory ceremony for grounding groups will begin on July 30th. All information is online at

2) Both formally under the auspices of UNESCO, and informally in gatherings,she is sharing the Ceremonial Change Process in her powerfully experiential way, with local Altai people, educators, and government officials.

3) Through these activities (especially by facilitation of the global grounding groups), she is fulfilling worldwide Indigenous prophecies of the rebalancing of human intention from destructive to constructive within the natural order.

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