Triple Spiral Mountain Portal Dream Message (part one)

On June 26th, 2011, I was taken on a dream journey into the heart of Mt Belukha by the Illuminated Beings of Altai.  I was shown the triple spiral heart portal and the one-dimensional gateway.  There were many questions and answers in this vision, but the experience was completely wordless.  Below, I have attempted to convey the information that was shared with me to the best of my ability.

Mama Mountain.  
Mount Belukha rising from the Earth.  
Rising like a life-giving breast, source of all beings.  
Glacial milk feeding the essence of humanity.  
Milked, for love of life,
by conscious intention.

Deep in the heart of the sacred Mt. Beluka in the Altai range lies a triple spiral portal.  The triple spiral is a 2-Dimensional interpretation of what is an inter-dimensional gateway.  Through this gateway, life is manifested, grown from seeds of consciousness.  Seeds planted within the gateway by intention are in co-operation with Gaia, our loving mother Earth.  These seeds, germinate in her great belly and manifest through the pathways of mineral and water to the surface of the Earth and flow through mighty rivers across the land and into the great oceans.

The Pathways of Mineral and Water

Seeds of conscious intention manifest through the pathways of mineral and water.  The pathways of mineral begin in the portal at the heart of the mountain.  Approaching the heart, there is immense pressure from the rocks above. As they meet at specific angles, the quartz is compressed  into a liquid form.  In the deepest, most intense point, this liquid is compressed again into a plasmatic form.  When organized in a specific way, this plasma crosses the threshold of dimensionality and becomes inter-dimensional.  This is the triple spiral portal.

The pathway of mineral flows through the liquid quartz as it radiates out from the heart portal into the veins of the mountain.  Along these tendrils of molten mineral manifest the ores of metal.  Flowers of the imprinted quartz bloom into the solid rock as various types of crystals.  Lakes form from the mixture of mineral salts and hardens into various types of rock beds.  These manifestations sprout onto the surface of the Mountain, pushed up by the energy of the mountain’s pulsating heart portal.  They are a gift to humanity from our Mother.

The pathway of Water beings at the end of the tendrils of liquid quartz as it reaches the surface and cools into a solid.  Pools of water form in the pockets of these crystal blooms .  Once imprinted with the message from the heart of the mountain, the water travels along the veins of ore to the surface. As it springs up at the surface of the mountain, this imprinted water shares the message from the mountain with the flowing surface streams.  When gathered into the deep mountain lakes, the water compresses at the bottom of the lake into a near crystalline form and releases the resonance to the surface where it is broadcasted into the sky and then carried along the clouds.

These pathways are expressions of Gaia’s love for us as living beings.  When we recognize her gifts and show our appreciation, our love for her is returned as rain and snow.  Our love returned is what has packed into ice resting on the mountain.  Each layer of ice representing a generations of blessings and gratitude encoded in each crystal snowflake.

History of the Altai Portal

The Altai portal was activated long ago by visiting star nations who worked their intentions together, for the benefit of all races on Earth.  There are other portals in the sacred mountains of the Earth.  The keepers of these portals have been trained to lovingly milk the mountain for the benefit of their peoples.

In the past centuries, many of the portals have been compromised by negative intention seeds, planted in arrogance.  This arrogance will weaken and can eventually destroy a portal.  Some portals were destroyed by mining efforts and nuclear testing.  Some of this damage was intentional, some of it was in ignorance.

The Altai Portal is unique due to its remoteness and to the great depth and volume of Lake Baikal.   Being so difficult to get to, the challenges of a sustained assault on the mountain have preserved the mountain and her heart portal manifestations.  The preservation of the ancient frequencies is why it is the Altai portal opening  the summer of 2011 is particularly momentous.

Part Two: The Shift of Ages – Altai Frequency

Bio: Karahapinohopono is a mother, an artist, a teacher of meditation and a metaphorical translator.  She has a masters degree in east Asian medicine and her spiritual gift is in translating the concepts and manifestations from the nature-based, holistic thinking system into the modern reductive, closed thinking system.  She is working with the Altai Fellowship as coordinator of the global groups that are working to ground the energy released from the portal opening on August 13th, 2011.

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