Earthkeeper Chronicles Edition Two – April 2007

ARTICLE & Channel :


In 1944 acclaimed psychic Edgar Cayce said “Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But of freedom – true freedom, that each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”

Over six decades have passed since this remarkable channled prophesy. Russia has transformed from a communist state, to one of an evolving democracy and free trade economy. In the 90 years since the Marxist revolution, organized religion and its inherent dogma were largely absent from the Russian culture. But what was intended there was the socialist ideal of man caring for fellow man, without the mental control aspects of dogmatic religion.

I first traveled to Russia in 2004. My second trip was in May of 2006. Both trips included Moscow, the second took me to eastern Siberia, to wondrous Lake Baikal. My experience was profound.


St. Petersburg may have homed Russia’s royal crown, but Moscow is its pulsing heart. Moscow is a city in which one comes face to face with all that is finest and all that is most frustrating in Russia. The gregarious geniality of its people is as evident as the extreme tensions of a city coming to terms with the confusions of rapid social change. More than anywhere else in the country, it is in Moscow where the Soviet past collides with the capitalist future. Perhaps collides is too strong a term, for truly it is a blend becoming more harmonious.

As the new Moscow emerges, it is quite evident that progression into the future is shaped by the integral dignity of the city’s rich and varied heritage, a timeless heritage that emphatically predates the embrace of Soviet rule. Indeed, the most striking aspect of the city today is not Moscow’s much-heralded merging with Western culture but its robust revival of its own tradition and integrity. Amazing ancient cathedrals are being restored and opened, innovative theaters are reclaiming leadership in the arts, and traditional markets are coming back to life. It is a city of art, music and creativity. Moscow is once more assuming its position of world preeminence. Yet, it is ironically the 90 years of Soviet socialist influence that has had a key role in shaping the new era of the Golden Bear. The spirituality and clarity that is emerging is free of the confines of orthodox dogma. It is pure spirituality, based on love of fellow man, unobstructed by canon doctrine. The potential is joyous.

The Arbat, a cobbled street mall of shops, crafts, street entertainers and artisans abounds with life in Moscow’s center. Walking down the Arbat I found remarkable artesian crafts, restaurants, shops of all types and warm smiling people, all with bright energy.

The people are engaging and warm. But the most prominent impression was that of their piercing intelligence and zest. Having been raised in a virtual television-free environment, most Russians focused on education and arts. Most play at least one musical instrument, and many speak at least two languages fluently.

There is crispness, an energetic clarity through out the area. I felt a familiarity with Russia, and discerned a great sense of brightness, a potent emergence of hope. The people are remarkably robust and beautiful. More than 10 million people are living in Moscow. Among them there are representatives of about one hundred nations and ethnic groups. Russians are the largest ethnic group in Moscow. There are also Jews, Ukrainians, Belorussians and Tatars as well as increasing number of refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan, the Caucasus, the Baltic States and Central Asia. Orthodox Christianity is a predominant religion in Moscow. The city is embellished with onion domed, gilded cathedrals, that shine brightly like jewels over the landscapes. Moscow has communities of Protestants, Roman Catholics, Judaists, Muslims and a growing circle of ‘New Age’ spirituality. In fact the existing religions are yet devoid of the zealot faction, and seem far more open minded and accepting of differing views.

Moscow occupies more than 1,000 square kilometers. The boundary of the city corresponds to the Moscow Ring Road, which is situated at 15-17 kilometers from the city center. The city extends for 42 kilometers from the North to the South and for 35 kilometers from the East to the West. The city is clustered around the Volkhov River, and many beautiful onion domed cathedrals are situated along its path. The site of Red Square and the Kremlin is an amazing power vortex that encompasses the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer and St Basils Cathedral along the river front. The sacred geometry of these splendid cathedrals is extremely potent.

There are more than 20 such Cathedrals in the Moscow ring. Several built over Pagan power sites hundreds of years ago.

The Golden Ring:

The Golden Ring of Moscow is an ovaline circle of powersites and cathedrals that circle an area of roughly 100 miles from the city center. This ring encompasses the golden vortex of the new energy of Moscow. ‘The Golden Ring’ is one of the oldest Russian pilgrimage routes. It goes to the northeast of Moscow and forms a circle. There are many interesting ancient Russian cities and sacred cathedrals along this path. The ‘classical’ route (counter clockwise) starts from Moscow, goes through Vladimir, Suzdal, Ivanov, Ples, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, and Sergiev Posad.

Sergiev Posad is one of most sacred Cathedrals of the ring. The Sergiev Posad monastery was founded in 1340 by Sergius of Radonezh, whose name was given to the town. The massive complex is along the river, amid lush rolling hills. A holy spring is said to have risen centuries ago by divine credence, and is a pilgrimage site for thousands who come to drink its curative waters.

The energy of the vortex portal of the Golden Ring, centered in Moscow is simply one of the brightest energies I have ever expereinced. It is powerfully anchored by Saint Germain. It is the template for the new Russia. It became anchored in 1986, and is crystalline in frequency. It is the vortex and portal of Moscow, of the heart of Russia. It is uniquely fed and aligned to an even more powerful energy…Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal:

Perhaps the most amazing natural site in Russia is Lake Baikal. I had the good fortune to visit Lake Baikal in May of 2006, and found it simply stunning. North America can lay claim to some pretty impressive lakes. Lake O Hara and Louise in Canada are stunning. Pyramid Lake in Nevada , the Great Salt Lake in Utah are portals. Lake Superior has the greatest surface area of any fresh water lake in the world. The mystical Crater Lake in Oregon is one of the deepest lakes in the world. Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia and Peru, is the world’s highest navigable lake, lying 12,500 feet above sea level. Africa’s largest lake is Lake Victoria, and the world’s second largest fresh water body. It’s among the most scenic lakes in the world, straddling the Equator and forming part of the borders of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. In the Antarctic, lies the world’s coldest , and most southerly lake, Lake Vostok. The distinction of the world’s lowest and saltiest lake goes to the Dead Sea. Bordering Israel and Jordan, it lies 1,340 feet below sea level! Asia can claim the largest inland water body in the world, the Caspian Sea..

Even though these lakes and seas are all special and indeed potent, and all have roles in the planetary Ascension, Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia shines in brilliance among them. This crescent-shaped lake is more than 900 miles from the nearest ocean (the Pacific) and is about 400 miles long and 50 miles wide. Rimmed by mountains, and surrounded by pristine forests, it’s one of the most beautiful lake settings in the world. While it’s the 7th largest lake on the globe in regards to surface area, in terms of volume of water, Lake Baikal has no peers. Its greatest depth is 5,022 feet – the world’s deepest lake. Lake Baikal holds 20% of the world’s fresh water, the largest volume of fresh water on the planet.

Magical Lake Baikal is contained in a natural tectonic basin in an uplift highland called the Stanovoy Range. This crevice holds the waters of Lake Baikal. The immense surface of the lake is 477 meters above sea level while its bottom plunges to 1200 meters below. The lake is encircled by antediluvian mountain ranges rising to heights of 2750 meters. These mountains slope steeply to the surface of the lake embellishing a spectacular panorama of overwhelming rugged beauty.

The mountains around Baikal are rich in mica, graphite, marble, gold and other minerals, and carpeted in rich pine and cedar forests. The natural resources are immense. Lake Baikal is a virtual cornucopia of precious and semi precious gemstones. Many of these are found along the massive shoreline in the crytsal clear waters. These include lazurite, charoite, lapis lazuli, jade, spinel, apatite, flogopite, diopsite, pargasite, scapolite, pyrite, quartz, dolomite, calcite, malachite, giafoline, tourmaline, ortite, biotite, limonite, amazonite and aragonite.

More than 330 rivers and streams feed Lake Baikal, but the powerful Angara River is the lakes only . The Angara empties into the Arctic Ocean, more than 1,500 miles away. Its path is dotted with power nodes. Geologist determine Lake Baikal to be approximately 25 millions years old, as such making it the world’s oldest lake. Lake Baikal has tremendous clarity, the transparency of the crystalline waters is up to 40 meters. Its waters support life at incredible depths. The bottom is dotted with volcanic vents that energize and oxygenize the waters, allowing for unique eco and bio systems of life unique to the lake.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Baikal’ s extreme pristine beauty has long been recognized as a powerful sacred portal.

The Buryats, an indigenous people of Lake Baikal area have held the lake as holy for thousands of years. Their religion is shamanism, similar to that of the Native Americans. They honor the lake as a living deity. The Island of Olkhon, and Shamans Rock are sacred centers of Siberian Shamanism, remnants of sacred LeMuria. Buddhist monasteries and communities also have been situated along Lake Baikal’ s perimeter for millennia. The Buddhist consider the pristine holy lake to hold the energy of Lord Buddha.

During my 2006 visit to the lake in May of 2006, most of the holy lake were still frozen. I was delighted to find the ice had in certain parts formed geometric ice crystals that expressed themselves in amazing geometric forms. Some appeared almost in snowflake geometries, others as pinnacles. I visited a Buryat Shaman during my time in Baikal, and was delighted and honoured to take part in drumming ceremonies in accolade to the lake. The drums and songs used in ceremony with a sacred fire were strikingly similar to those of the Native American. The directions were acknowledged and prayers songs were dedicated to the spirit of the lake.

The end of my last day at the lake was dedicated to meditation in one of the holy areas along the lake. I found a spot sheathed in granitic outcroppings overlooking the frozen beauty of the lake. Dressed in appropriately warm clothing, I found I was able to reach a deep state very quickly. I connected to the spirit of the lake, and in timeless repose had a vision of a beautiful, and enormous blue eagle emerging from its depths. The eagle transformed from blue to white as it hovered high above the lake. Its body radiated the colors of the rainbow. One of these enveloped me, and I felt tremendous energy, a frequency of great peace and well-being. After a few hours, I knew my time was coming to a close. The winds whipped up and had an icy edge. I buried three crystals I had brought within the grounds, and placed four more in the thawed waters along the shoreline. As I walked back to my waiting car and tour guide, I paused once more to view the splendid scene. An energy pervaded me, and the Lake once again filled my heart, truly an energy of Russia, with Love.

Tyberonn Channel: From Russia With Love :

The Vortex of Hope

“ Greetings Beloved! And so we speak in this hour of Russia, and indeed it is a vast land of a deep history within your past centuries. That energy that we find around what the channel terms as the Golden Ring of Moscow is an exceptionally clear energy, one that heightens what you term the intellect. The great channel you referred to, Edgar Cayce, foresaw the emergence of a new application of this ancient portal. Dear Ones, we tell you that Moscow and indeed Russia, will be the cradle of the renewed application of spiritual principle as applied in the lives of humanity. That which you term socialism, in its true application, we tell you, is in fact the appropriate ideal for humanity in your plane. Is it not the nature of your core family to share in love and unity. We tell you it is the way of your higher selves, of higher realm. Now how it unfolds , how it evolves in this land is yet to be seen, for there are opposing forces you see. Now we are not speaking of the fallen Soviet Socialist state, it was not, indeed, the true exercising of the socialist principle, it became corrupted you see. However it was appropriate that social experiments in changing the global culture of class systems based on birth and wealth emerged within the portal of the Golden Ring of Russia. Within such energy it had its best opportunity to emerge, and while your modern historians view it as a failure, truly it was not a failure, not entirely so. You see what occurred before laid the track for the Meruvian Crystal children that reside there now.

Now, much was done during the advent of your second world war, that undermined the socialist experiment in Russia. The leadership required to win the war, focused more on retention & expansion of power rather than concern for the people after the war ended. You see the planetary leadership, as we interpret it, was largely dominated by those reincarnated from the warring faction that destroyed Atlantis, and indeed in later years became the the warring Romans. Reincarnation cycles, you see, are bound in group consciousness, to a very large degree.

Entire continents, countries, entire dramas in time, as you term them, often reincarnate together. They are as such somewhat tied together by past experience, like thinking, like frequency and progress of development as it were. Do you see? So, it was this group of souls, within Russia that created& fought the war, your second world war, and such men dominated and corrupted the intent of the socialist experiment within Russia. There an elitist faction sought power, and lived in a manner of lifestyle far superior to the masses. Their primary focus was that of power, of holding power, of expanding power, not truly distribution of resources for the overall well-being. You see the leadership there focused not of sharing, but on retention of power. And as such the collapse was inevitable, you see the initial principle was lost within those in control. Just as capitalism, has to a great degree in many areas, such as the United States, lost sight of those both within and without of its borders who are lacking, and thus the corruption of greed and seeking of power. It is the balance that is required, of true sharing.

We would say the ideal is to have free markets, capitalism within a somewhat socialist template. Does that surprise you?

Now what we see occurring in Russia, is a new influx of evolved souls, in mass, carrying the crystalline frequency, with a culture whose common man has for two generations lived in more unity, in greater equality, we would say. And as the channel has mentioned, are not largely divided or controlled by organized religious creed. That is the energy of the Golden Ring. It is an insert, a hologramic frequency that can offer the potential for the rebirth of true application of human experience. Those called the Meruvians, the 6th race, are in fact the crystalline vibration. The Meruvian is not truly a racial façade or guise, rather it is the 12 stand DNA, that can & is occurring in all physical biology forms. As such there is an influx of the Meruvian, crystalline frequency within this area. As we have said, the Meruvian frequency influx is also occurring in South America, Scandinavia, Canada, Japan and parts of the United States. The major influx is in Russia and South America at this time, of souls in mass, from the family of evolved souls, those of the ‘Law of One’, those of Mu, those of Tibet, those of the golden era of Greece. These souls have accepted a specific mission, and will potentially become majority forces of like ideology within these frequencial inserts.

Now the channel asks about the energy termed Lake Baikal. We tell you it is a massive vortex and chakric center for humankind as well as for the body of the planet. Its ovaline circumference extends for over one thousand miles, and its energetic influence is global. Lake Baikal has been recognized for millennia, and has always had etheric as well as human guardians along its shores. You see Baikal carries the energy of Mu and of Lord Krishna. It was recognized in the time of LeMuria, and holds that peaceful energy as a placeholder for the planet, we will say. It has long been protected by its very remoteness. It is protected still by the Shamanic and Buddhist who are drawn to its waters, and have so been drawn for millennia. . The gems from this area are extremely potent, they are imbued with its tranquil energy, its balance. The gemstones of the Ural Mountains are also of key importance at this time. That of the blue lapis lazuli and the lavender charoite of Baikal, and that of the amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and demantoid garnet of the Ural Mountains are most beneficial to those that wear them. The vibration of these unique areas within Russia is of the higher activation and harmonious frequency at this time, you see.

Within the vortex of Lake Baikal is an area called Tunguska. There, in your year of 1908, as you measure time, and interesting event occurred, an explosion that your scientist still have not solved. It was an explosion felt around your planet, and devastated an area of forested hills within a diameter of 70 miles, ands some 600,000 acres of land. It has been theorized to have been a meteorite, yet no iron nickel remnants were found under its theorized crater. It was then theorized to have been the impact of a gaseous meter, when no meteorites were found. It was neither. Thee explosion was the result of several factors. Your scientist Tesla injected a massive experimental wireless transmission of electricity into your planets mantle in 1908, quite by accident, in that it exceeded the planets capacity to hold such a surge and charge. You see your planet sustains, shall we say, a set limit of its electrical and magnetic current, and contains contain more than that capacity. The energy imploded within the Earth, and was spewed outward near the Stony Tunguska River, in a cataclysmic emission burst. The result of the burst created a hyper dimensional explosion, in a vast remote region of Siberia The event caused quite a stir in your galaxy, and came very near to throwing your entire planet into axial tilt, and unrecoverable cataclysm. The man Tesla was aware on a higher level, of what he nearly caused, and never fully recovered from it .You see he was Acturian in source. The man Tesla is sourced from the Ascended Master Omeron, and he achieved great scientific achievements in the Golden era of Atlantis.

The result now is that a unique hyper-dimensional field is magnetized within that area, and a higher level of dimensional access and download is drawn within it. More than 12 dimensional fields occur here .The vibration of minerals and gems through out the area are infused with this energy, and is monatomic in frequency, much the same as the ‘Andara’ area of California, where a parallel event occurred many eons ago. Light reacts differently within this area. Monatomic elements are superconductive, and their frequency can be quite beneficial to what is termed zero point energy. Indeed your planet is progressing to zero field in the future.

The lands of this area are very high in frequency and were converted to original matter, prima matra, in the hyper dimensional reconstruction. The minerals here do not conform to natural polarities, Energy spirals inward to them in unique spirals, and their frequential resonance is much higher. This frequency is intertwined with that you call Lake Baikal, you see.

Three potent energy vortex-portal complexes exist and triangulate in Russia’s geometric template; the Golden Ring, The Ural Mountains and Lake Baikal. The most powerful of these, and understand, Dear Ones, that all three are omnificently potent, is Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is indeed global in proportion and vibrates in harmonic oscillation with many other parts of the world, including Lake Titicaca, both LeMurian you see.

The influx of higher realm geometries and higher dimensional light is quickened above and within this lake. Above it is a precious diamond dome. This concentrated geometric sphere contains the dodecahedron and octahedron. It is radiated with those energies of the Pleades and Syrius B, and uniquely aligned to same. We say to the channel, you were fortunate indeed to visit this place, its energies are now within you. And so it is for all who visit there, either in body or spirit, yet both are indeed blessed.

You are Beloved.” .And So It Is

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