Gold Star Meditation for the Grounding of the Altai Energy into the Earth

Gold Star Meditation part One of Three:  Preparation

Patricia Anne Davis, MA
Patricia Anne Davis, MA

Gold Star Meditation Designed for Activation and Grounding 

Meditation designed for the Altai Fellowship by Patricia Anne Davis, MA

Transcript and Explaination of Meditation

Part One Preparation:

1. Sit in the chair with both feet flat on the floor and your spine straight.

2. Place your hands over your solar plexus with the right hand over the left hand over the solar plexus in the curve of the ribcage.  Place your left thumb over your right thumb in low point of the sternum.

3. Close your eyes and allow your breathing to become rhythmic by counting the in-breath and the out-breath.  Remember that the whole universe has the same in-breath and out-breath vibration and impulse.

You can focus your in -breath by counting “one” in and out “two.” “One” is in your nose and “two” is out your mouth, so that you are maximizing the intake of O2 and expelling CO2 out your mouth.  You don’t want to do this too fast or too slowly.

The whole key to any healing —to any spiritual work—is through breathing.  It’s to quiet your physical, emotive, mental, and spiritual bodies—your sheath, your well being—to a rhythmic in-breath and out-breath.

These are the mechanics of a safe way to close your electrical circuits within your body, so only you have access to the energy within your spiritual self, within your Ring-pass-not, which is your own soul.  The Ring-pass-not  I describe to you as a geometrical symbol of your physical body, which is a five-pointed gold star.

Begin Gold Star Meditation:

Gold is the color of replenishment.

Doing this practice on a daily basis (20-30 min/day) strengthens and aligns a person’s thinking processes with revelation which, of course, is the purpose of meditation: to still the mind and be still to listen to what is called “the voice of silence.”   What does your own soul have to say to you?  That is the place at which human beings can work with the divine beings.  That is the point of light that is the mediator.

A gold soul star is a mediator between the diamond crystal soul, which is the true self (or the light body), and the personality.

Over time the monkey mind or chatter mind, left-brain thinking will eventually quiet and will engage the right brain.  It is very helpful, health-wise and spiritually, to restore whole-brain thinking.  And with this method you will sense the point in time at which you engage the left and right brain, and whole-brain thinking begins to flow spontaneously and synergetically.

When whole-brain thinking is flowing spontaneously and synergetically, you can take the focus of your thinking 8-10 inches above your head to the gold soul star.  You can sense it, you can feel it, and you can see this luminous, iridescent gold.

This gold is an esoteric color that has all the colors in it.  It is a replenishing color, in the five pointed gold star.  It is a place to not only replenish oneself, but to do healing by invoking one’s soul star to another person.  Doing healing at that level is outside of time and space.

By just the fact that one is breathing rhythmically and focused on the soul star, one  is in a place to work with the divine beings and the universe in what is called the etheric network.  (The etheric network has nothing to do with the astral plane, the astral plane is not a spiritual place, it is just the thoughts and feelings and patterns of humanity over historical times that need to be redeemed and cleaned up.)

Practice this preparation until you are comfortable in your body, breathing smoothly and have a clear connection to the gold star radiating above your head. 

It is recommended that you do this several times a day for a few days before adding in the next phases of the meditation.  Being familiar with this posture, breathing and visualization will allow it to be a touchstone for you to return to  throughout the day.  During the gold star meditation, this sense of yourself will be the starting point for connecting with the High Mountain Grid and the High Frequency Energies transmitting from Altai.

Part Two:  Affirm, Intend, Visualize and Manifest using the United Intention for the Altai Fellowship.   To affirm is to know the truth of this work, to trust the truth of this work. 

Part Three:  Self Replenishment and healing.  Grounding and Anchoring the High Frequency energies into the Earth.

As of July 30, the Altai Fellowship is now steeped in the High Frequency energies and transmitting to those who are grounding the meditation.  This energy will continue to increase in intensity throughout the lunar waxing and peak with a global event on August 13th with participating grounding groups worldwide.  To learn more and participate, please visit:

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department  All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the  glossary at

4 responses to “Gold Star Meditation for the Grounding of the Altai Energy into the Earth”

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  3. Namaste Thank U.I am Fully Concious that the gold Star is magestically slowly shining and turning over my Crown.I am in awe.All things of and above,all around have me in awe.Thank U for being at a Heart of Heart Earth Vortex ,holding in Love Light and more Love.namaste jerri

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