The Shift of Ages – Altai Frequency

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Mama Mountain.  
Mount Belukha rising from the Earth.  
Rising like a life-giving breast, source of all beings.  
Glacial milk feeding the essence of humanity.  
Milked, for love of life,
by conscious intention.

Deep in the heart of the sacred Mt. Beluka in the Altai range lies a triple spiral portal.  The triple spiral is a 2-Dimensional interpretation of what is an inter-dimensional gateway.  Through this gateway, life is manifested, grown from seeds of consciousness.  Seeds planted within the gateway by intention are in co-operation with Gaia, our loving mother Earth.  These seeds, germinate in her great belly and manifest through the pathways of mineral and water to the surface of the Earth and flow through mighty rivers across the land and into the great oceans.

The Shift of Ages – Altai Frequency

The shift of ages means many things to many beings.  It marks a newly expanded human consciousness that is rising in frequency and capacity.  It also marks an awakened Gaia consciousness as our mother Earth awakens to a new stage in evolution.  As part of her ascension process, she is shifting many things in her body.  She has shut down some portals entirely and in some, she is erasing the imprinting in order to start anew.  She is inviting the newly awakened human consciousness to participate in creating a new garden with her.  This process begins in Altai.

The journey to Mt Belukha will take the Fellowship deep into the center of their beings where the heart portal projects our spirit into physical form.  From the depth of their beingness, their gratitude for the treasury of life experienced within them will awaken as an intention of love.   This love will awaken the Altai portal. By holding open the heart and letting love radiate outward, the Altai portal will open and merge with the heart portal at the center of their being.  The love from the mountain will enter their heart portal and radiate throughout their entire being.  This process will be unique and specific to each person and the entire fellowship will support each person in their process.

Once the resonance has settled in, the group will come into synch.  Then the group will come into synch with the intention of the mountain portal as it transmits the fifth dimensional ascension energies.  Once this New Earth resonance settles in, then the intention will be to broadcast this frequency from a point above the mountain.  This beacon will transmit from mountain top to mountain top around the globe where similar activations will take place at other portal sites.  This mountain top grid will stay in place and continue transmitting into the New Age.

Even in places where portals are a distance away, the open hearted, loving intentions of the grounding group will receive the New Earth energies from the nearest mountain top.  Their synchronicity with the mountain grid will be cleansing to themselves and their immediate surroundings of land and people.  This synchronicity will also make the energy available to everyone who is sharing a heart connection to each participant.

This open resonance of receiving will enable the pathways of mineral and water to begin manifesting the New Earth intentions.  These intentions will then be carried to the mountain lakes and broadcast to the heavens above.   Clouds carrying the seeds of the love of life will rain upon the surface, beginning the germination of the New Earth frequencies.  The New Earth frequency grid is available around the globe, whether a person is aware of it or not.  Awareness will arise spontaneously as the frequency spreads.  It will be a joy to witness and be part of!

Bio: Karahapinohopono is a mother, an artist, a teacher of meditation and a metaphorical translator.  She has a masters degree in east Asian medicine and her spiritual gift is in translating the concepts and manifestations from the nature-based, holistic thinking system into the modern reductive, closed thinking system.  She is working with the Altai Fellowship as coordinator of the global groups that are working to ground the energy released from the portal opening on August 13th, 2011.

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