Patricia Anne Davis answers questions about the Gold Star Meditation

Questions from an Altai Fellowship Grounding Group Participant

R: I have a few questions about the gold star meditation. perhaps you can help me with them.

1. Worldview challenges– i’ve shared with carol many times how it is hard for me to really fathom all of this, an opening of an energy portal and the presence of lightbeings, etc. What I do understand is that most of us currently perceive a very narrow band of reality. It is this understanding that has led me to be open and willing to try doing the goldstar meditation (well, also the fact of having being exposed to the rainbow bridge work (as taught by alice bailey) and seeing a lot of similarities and having an intuition that this rainbow bridge work should be a part of my practice (my main practice is zen and so the practice of the goldstar meditation is something we would tend to shy away from.) 

Patricia:  * “Energy portals” identified in various metaphysical names have existed in the spiritual realms beyond the Astral Plane, which is NOT a spiritual energy plan.  Humans are supposed to thinking to cooperate with the spiritual beings who are the Guiders of the human race on the Earth. The challange in contemporary times is that our English language does not have the terms for describing this type of spiritual communication with whom we call the “Masters”. Thus Sanscrit from India is used because it is the oldest language and it describes spiritual terms that English cannot.
We only know a few of their names, Jesus and Buddha among them.  They meet at the Great Convocation on the full moon of June to blend the spiritual energies for humanity for the next year.  These blended energies “stimulate” humans  to awaken to their own capacity for understanding their soul perpose and life mission.  Humans who are “asleep” must still experience physical plane life in order to come to a place of understanding their thinking capacity and to know how to cooperate with group intention.The spiritual meditation is safely designed and coined as “the Gold Star Meditation”.  It IS Zen practice. Zen and Koans are designed to liberate thinking out of dualism. This meditation is exponential in that it clears the aura as in the practice of Zen.
It is not a “religious” meditation that requires conversion from one belief to another  because my work is NOT religion, phylosopy or theory.  It is in the natural ordercontext (“laws of nature”that humans do not have “poweover”).The “power” is from within a person’s own willingness for liberation from dualism, intention to cooperate with a divine plan for humanity and the ability to access their own soul spiritual energy for powerwith to have power with others for love and peace. Fear is a call for love and they cannot coexist. Guilt is a call for peace and they cannot coexist. The meditation facilitates thinking for choosing love and peace.
R: I have to be clear about my own opaque motivations– i’d like to open to this energy for my own benefit if it does exist and help (so, i’m coming from a rather selfish place!)*
The ego thought system as described in “A Course in Miracles” is where “selfishness” resides before liberation from dualism; and, the holy spirit thought system is where “selflessness” resides.  This means that the soul purpose and life mission of every person exists in the holy spirit thought system because the holy spirit is the messenger for creator and creator’s divine plan for choosing love and peace – choosing power within for powerwith other. This meditation is a “how to” for a thought reversal process that reframes a person’s thinking to it appropriate function for acknowledging and cooperating with the divine plan for love and peace among humanity. It requirs a person to reframe their thinking from one thinking system to another – from the dificient self-image in an Inverse thinkings system into an Affirmative thinkings system, where thinking can cooperate with the holy beings in spritual plane where they reside close to the the earth in remote mountain locations.

So, my question is what, if anything, might it be wise to differently in the goldstar meditation seeing this challenge/challenges that i have?
* Remember, the Buddha became a Buddha when he realized that pain and suffering is not a spiritual path.  This was his soul liberation out of dualism and he defined the Four Noble Truth based on his liberation as a path and practice for SELF-realization, which this meditation is designed to facilitate, meaning that the optimal safe conditions are contained in the “how to”.  The key to all healing is in the breathing. All healing takes place in the thinking.

R: 2. Practicing alone- when doing the goldstar meditation i am alone, i don’t have a group i am doing this with (and the meditation calls for invoking a group soul star).. should i do the meditation any differently. or can i mentally invite others who are doing this meditation into my circle. like, could in invite you, patricia and carol and others whom i may know?

* This meditation is in actuality beyond time and space, so meditating alone is not doing it alone.  It just requires visualizing connection with the purpose and intention of the group where you are, as you are not every truel “alone”. You may certainly invite anyone you know, including us that you named to be spiritual present because we will all be together anyway, in the Eternal Now, eternally existing within us. It requires you to send a “ray of light” from your soul star to ours which is interconnected in the “etheric network” from which we are doing spiritual work – safely. Safely means working from the sour star outside time and space. This is a technique for liberation from dualism.

3. soulstar- besides doing the breathing as explained in the meditation is there anything else i need to be doing the whole time? do i need to picture the soulstar throughout? picture the group soulstar throughout? and once the rainbow bridge is invoked do i hold on to that picture throughout the remainder of the meditation?

* The phase by phase explaination for the “how to” meditate using a very esoteric method, (as distinct from exoteric practice as is prevalently available by many forms,) is specifically designed for you to access your own soul by listening to how to make decisions accordingly in cooperation with the holy spirit thought system, not any external source, subject to misinterpretation and erroneous human influenсe. We are remembering and awakening from human to humane. Humaneness is our original teaching.

The key is to know that this Esoteric Meditation and spiritual healing work utilizing the soul star as described in the technique is INVOKING your own
soul for revelationary information that allows you to enter the spiritual realms safely. 

This meditation is a completely safe method for working outside time and space in the physical plane. Focusing your whole brain thinking into your own soul star ignites a ray of light from your soul star to the other people’s soul star in the Etheric Network where only spiritual intention can receive by telepathy from soul star to soul star for the inspiration from the the holy beings who are the Guiders of the human race for rebalancing humaneness for harmony in communication and relationship.

You only are required to have intention, to visualize, to affirm in order to manifest the existing spiritual reality of the divine plan of love and peace on earth and among humane beings
who are also being inspired and educated about how to interconnect from powerwithin to have powerwith others for the purpose in this time of awakening the Conscience.

You may also send the ray of light as ultra violet to your ailing relative’s soul star and then the color of replenishment as gold to them afterward with this affirmation:

“In my oneness and integrity where I know and see with creator, I see (name:______________________ as holy, whole, loved, and healed.”

Add any other affirmations that you would like or that you see as needed.

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©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department  All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.

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