Location of Portals Activated with Altai Frequency

Mt Belukha
Mt Belukha

Altai Fellowship Grounding Ceremonies have activated the following portals.

Please affirm this web of connection in your meditations


Everett, WA
Mt St Helens, WA
Mt Rainier, WA
Vashon Island, WA
San Juan Islands, WA
Tree Frog Farm on Lummi Island Mt Baker, WA
Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana
San Diego, CA
Mt. Shasta, CA
Mt. Nebo Utah
Mt. Olympus, UT
Antelope Island, UT
Fort Wayne, in Northeast Indiana, near the Michigan and Ohio borders
Tucson, Arizona Santa Catalina Mountains
Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Crestone, CO
Sangre de Cristo, Santa Fe, NM
Sandia Mountains, ABQ, NM
Davis Mountains in South Texas
The Gulf of Mexico Waters
Arkansas Vortex Crystal Area
New Jersey
Tennessee/South Carolina
New Orleans, Louisiana
Miami, FL
Tampa, FL
Cayman Islands

Tepoztlan Morelos Mexico
BC, Canada
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada
Ontario, Canada


Columbia, Nabusimake Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


Adelaide, AUS – Mount Kosciuszko
mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia Great Dividing Range.




Cape Town, South Africa Hout bay, facing the mountains and sea,
Mt Kilimanjaro


Berlin Germany


Altai, Mongolia
St Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia

Once you have completed the Gold Star Meditation in your local mountain or to add your re-activation to a current site, please fill out the form to add it to the list.

10 responses to “Location of Portals Activated with Altai Frequency”

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  3. Hi I live on the mid north coast of nsw,australia,and i was wondering which ones were opened ther are at least 4 here and mine is one of them,i live between kempsey and macksville,who can i talk to about it please ,

    hope to hear back from someone
    stay well and happy

    1. Hi Nichelle, There were several groups in Australia:
      west of Bowraville, NSW, Australia
      Great Dividing Range that flows north/south throughout the state of N.S.W. in Australia on a mountain plateau called the Bulgong, north west of the main town, Taree.
      Flinders Ranges area of South Australia,
      Mount Kosciuszko (2228 metres. Australia’s highest mountain). It is situated in the Snowy Mountains in Victoria

      Feel free to connect with Mt Kosciuszko from anywhere you are in Australia!

  4. Dear friends,

    A group of 8 people participated in the Gold Star Meditation in the South of Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, near Ob-Sea. # more people meditated in Novosibirsk. The Meditation was under the full moom and falling stars. We have anchored the Energy in Novosibirsk, Russia
    With love and blessings,

    Marina Tyasto

  5. Hi, 60/70 of us in Portugal, Sierra de Cabreira, nr the mountains Goces and Laruco, shared a deep experience on the 13th with sacred sounds and the Gold Star Meditation.

    The day began with over 4000 people gathered to celebrate the full moon. The majority chose to be in silence for the morning and following the Altai ceremony, in the evening was a ceremony to dance the elements with rainbow parades of woman and men circling and spiraling magic.

    The sky was filled with incredible lattice patterns and a huge luck dragon spread its wings wide created from fine clouds. As I wondered at the magnitude of this energetic opening…

    With deep thanks to all who shared in this journey of Deep Global Connection!

  6. Hi,
    This is eva. I have lived in Telluride colorado (san juan mountains) until recently and am interested in connecting with people who have felt or known about energy portals in that area. There’s such incredible energy potential in that valley and the surrounding mountains and i would love to form a group who’s interested in honoring those sacred sites and work with their energies.
    I would love to hear from you if that speaks to you…
    Love and Blessings eva

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  8. Hi, this is Jan, also known as Chante’ in Louisiana, having returned from my train trip to California and Oregon. I have opened the portals of Mount Cuyamaca in San Diego, Mount Shasta in Northern California and Crater Lake in Oregon. I am trying to find where to listen to the Aug 21st call. Maybe I overlooked the link on the site. Thank you all for this wonderful connection and the flow of ancient info throughout my being as i dance and sing from memory now, not belief!
    Love to Everyone

    1. Hi Chante, thanks so much for checking in and accomplishing so much on your journey! The Call on the 21st is the same Replay Number: (712) 775-7099
      Code: 439053# , reference #4

      Please continue to affirm those mountain portals and return the energy back to Altai to help in neutralizing the effects of the Rogue Russian Rocket which landed there yesterday.

      Many blessings,

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