The Gold Star Meditation Replay

Meditation for the Grounding of the Altai Energy

Another Group is in Altai for a New Moon Ceremony August 29th
These travelers are approaching Altai from the Mongolian side of the Altai Mountain range.  Please continue to connect with and ground these sacred energies into the Earth.

rainbow cloud

Gold Star Meditation

Gold Star Meditation Designed for Activation and Grounding 

Meditation designed for the Altai Fellowship by Patricia Anne Davis, MA

8 responses to “The Gold Star Meditation Replay”

  1. […] Gold Star meditation Replay and Download available NOW […]

  2. […] The Gold Star Meditation designed for the Grounding of Altai Energy is now available for replay or download […]

  3. This meditation was designed by Navajo wisdom keeper, Patricia Anne Davis to help us to safely navigate this time of great change. The focus is to allow these energies to purify and heal us while keeping us grounded and centered. Please share.

  4. […] can use the Gold Star Meditation as guidance or whatever healing tradition you are comfortable […]

  5. […] Questions to Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Wisdom Keeper, designer of Gold Star Meditation for the Grounding of the Altai Frequency. […]

  6. […] The Gold Star Meditation may be useful for you as a way of connecting, or you may make the connection in any way that feels effective to you. […]

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