Altai Ceremony From Bowraville, NSW Australia

Sue Daniels here from west of Bowraville, Great Dividing Ranges, NSW Australia
Just wanted to give you a glimpse of the wonder of the Portal Opening Ceremony I held here at my home with my sacred mountain.

My morning meditation on Aug 10th 2011

I knew I had to go to Mt. Belukha this morning to introduce myself…..can’t believe I haven’t done that yet !!!??? I went with the Peak and my guardian Akashic Field Wolf. Easily found the spot to introduce ourselves……Belukha is amazing.
Beamed All I Am to her saying “Beloved Golden Goddess of Gaia. I honour you. I love you. I am deeply committed to be of service to Gaia and am gathering a grounding team in Australia.  I too carry the Triple Spiral energy of the fractal portal ( the triple Julia set crop circle energy.) Please lead me as you would have me go”. I Am here to be of service etc.

A gold orb appears… reminds me of the golden orb my ornamental dragon carries in its hand. In the sacred mayan Tzolkin today is Imix….dragon, primal mother…..and Muluc, sacred monolith……this is a perfect resonance to introduce myself to the sacred Belukha mountain although I have only just realised this…., particularly as I am accompanied by the Peak, which is the crown chakra of the local dragon.

I understand I am to bring in the golden orb and the dragon to my ceremony here on the 13th.

And suddenly I feel very cold……very, very cold. I focus all my concentration and love on Belukha. And Belukha opens to  my vision……I see her as majestic mountain, snow clad, strong, sacred sovereignty, aligned, on purpose, knowing herself. She is utterly beautiful and powerful in her unconditionally loving Total Presence. Then I see her inside, and she glows with the warmth and radiance of inner fire, and I understand why she is called golden, she is full of golden fire light. Not just a flame, but a huge inner reality of fire light.

“Feel yourself as me” she says.

“What do you mean?” I ask

“Be me. Feel yourself as me. Feel this golden firelight inside all of yourself, in every cell of your being. . Ignite this sacred fire. ” I realise she is speaking to the Peak as well. They look related, a resemblance in shape.

I see Belukha’s pyramidal shape. I see how this is so similar to the Peaks pyramidal shape. I think of what Dek said about the breast shape and the Belukha breast of Milk and nurturance.

“Grandmother Belukha….what is it I need to know ?” I ask. This is the first time I have thought of her as Grandmother.

And I look at the Peak and realise that the Peak is like a little grand-daughter…..Aha !!!!!!….so this is what I need to know…….in the ceremony on Saturday the Peak receives the frequencies as a little grand-daughter and so too me and the grounding group. This is revelatory and highly intuitive. Not for a moment did I ever get this grandmother/grand-daughter connection and now it is so obvious in this moment. This is a family gathering. This is spiritual intimacy between Gaia, her mountains, and humans. Mmmmmm……..

On the morning of the 13th Aug

I created an altar for Altai, with a bowl of rainbow crystals, a photo of Belukha and the golden dragon carrying the orb. I went outside for my sunrise meditation and when it was finished I saw really clearly the exact circle where we would sit for the grounding event. When I came back into the house I noticed the bowl of crystals and the golden dragon was casting its shadow over the photo in such a way that it looked like Belukha was going to speak with the dragon’s mouth. I went to get the camera and when I returned the most awesome sight was in front of me. A rainbow, generated by one of my light catchers in the window was exactly colouring Belukha. From this moment forward I knew, in absolute truth and trust, that the rainbow paths linking Belukha, my Peak and the grounding group which would be gathering in a couple of hours was established. All was in divine right timing. The whole frequency of the day was uplifted. As people arrived for the grounding and they saw the photo of the rainbow over Belukha the vibration of the ceremony was raised again and again as the truth of the Portal Opening settled into each of us.

We had an awesome ceremony and I can really feel the Shift to the New Earth with each new day.

Radiating much Love Light and Laughter and Beaming New Earth Smiles to you All


Hi Karah,
Wait ’til you read what just happened after I just sent my e mail to you.about including our event here on your blog. Please include it on your blog with my other info’.

Its 4.00pm, Aug 18th.

After just writing to you to confirm including my grounding ceremony on your blog I went out to sit on the verandah with my Sacred Dragon Portal Peak. I just wanted to acknowledge it, send my love and simply Be with it. Within a minute I noticed a magnificent wedgetail eagle flying from the west towards the Peak. It flew in an amazing spiral path along the ridge line until it reached the apex of the Peak. I held my breathe in awe and wonder and then it turned around and traced the exact same spiral flight path back to where it had come from. What an amazing synchronicity and confirmation that this majestic mountain is now radiating its new frequencies out into our wondrous and amazing New Earth for Gaia and all her children.

Radiating Love Light and Laughter to Everyone


3 responses to “Altai Ceremony From Bowraville, NSW Australia”

  1. Very nice post Sue. I live in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia and have been conscious of this event in Altai. I have participated in a peripheral way in terms of doing the meditations … and probably quite a lot at a deep level. We celebrated an early Spring ritual here on the 6th August in which we invoke the Celtic Great Goddess Brigid, and dedicate ourselves to tending the Flame, which represents Her. I had a Goddess Studies event happening here on the 13th, so felt connected underneath. At the end of the day when I did the Gold Star meditation I was quite sore in the solar plexus and very tired … I just had to go to bed. Your group and event sound great.


  2. P.S. I have a photo of the Three Sisters rock formation not too far from here. I will try to wok out where to post.

    1. There is a three sisters here in the Northwest, too! I love that! Please send the photos to me:

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