Altai Activation in Los Angeles

Carol and I graduated from the same seminary and we were ordained on the same day.
I have been to Siberia.

We have a group that met each other in Los Angeles that meets weekly to meditate on the mountain and surrounding area.
I was once home to the Chumash Indians.

The mountain is Zaca Peak in the Los Padres.

Our group did a virtual group meditation and then joined the central one for Altai.
This is the prayer I was given on August 13, just before the meditation

I breathe the breath of the Universe today.
I touch with the hand of life.
I see with the eyes of the Holy Spirit.
I hear the symphony in the key of God.
I feel with the heart of all sentient beings.
I know with the mind of God.

Rev. Barbara Kaufmann

3 responses to “Altai Activation in Los Angeles”

  1. The portal in the Appalchian Mpuntains of Virginia is also connected / open and a part of the grid supporting and spreading the energy….Aho!

  2. Dear Rev. Barbara-
    where in Los Angeles are you?
    i would like to join in…if possible.
    thanks helena

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