Altai Ceremony Great Dividing Range, Australia

Great Dividing Range that flows north/south throughout the state of N.S.W. in Australia.

I live on a mountain plateau called the Bulgong, north west of the main town, Taree.  You can google it through Google Earth.  When I located it, it said Sun Ray’s Elands, which really blew my mind, as I am a member of the Children of the Sun and do Ascension work with their group energy.  My last name is also Sun.  When I finally was able to bring up a photograph of what the Sun Ray’s meant (poor grammer actually!), it showed shafts of sun light in a forest grove – so lovely.

A  group of five people, all light workers, gathered at our trig point which has a 360 degree view north, south, east and west at 11.11 a.m. our time, on August 13

We invoked the Great Divide from Mt. Warning in the North to Mt. Kosciusko in the South as well as our own Plateau and its many peaks.  We anchored, north, south, east and west.  I felt the energy strongly and whilst not a seer myself, Veronica said the gold light intensified continuously and you can see on the pix, the rainbow lights from the Sun.  I will continue grounding for the rest of the week.  Blessings and immense gratitude to you all for the powerful and wonderful work you are doing for the Earth’s Ascension.

Namaste, Dekyong.


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