URGENT: Russian Spaceship Crashes Into Altai

About 5 hours ago:

Russian Spaceship Crashes After Failed Launch

A robotic Russian space freighter headed for the International Space Station crashed into the Altai Republic near the border with China today after the third stage of its Soyuz launch vehicle failed about six minutes after launch…The Progress space freighter was carrying about three tons of supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.

NASA International Space Station Program Manager Mike Suffredini said the engine powering the stage inexplicably cut off five minutes and 50 seconds after blastoff from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The rocket failed to reach orbit and instead crashed into the remote, mountainous republic, which is located in central Asia at the juncture of Siberian forests, the steppes of Kazakhstan and the semi-deserts of Mongolia.

A thunderous blast from the crash broke windows in surrounding areas but there were no immediate reports of casualties. About 25 percent of the republic is covered with forests.

We are called to reaffirm our connection with the high mountain grid, give gratitude for Mother Earth’s desire and ability to protect herself and us, her beloved children, from any harmful impacts the contents of this ship contained.

Please connect with any of the 50 portals already activated and return the pristine activation energies back to Mt Belukha and the entire Altai range.  Activate the purifying Ultraviolet light to cleanse and purge the entire pathway of the rocket and it’s landing site.  Then heal the area and all the peoples there with the golden light of replenishment, surrounding the entire Earth.

You can use the Gold Star Meditation as guidance or whatever healing tradition you are comfortable with.

Many thanks for your working the Light of Truth on this Earth.

4 responses to “URGENT: Russian Spaceship Crashes Into Altai”

  1. I woke up to receiving this message. I’m so very sorry to hear of this. I was able to partake in a very short meditation connecting to one of the portals before taking my cat to he vet. I sent healing light to Altai mountain range area, the people and the forests. Hope and faith are in my heart.

    1. Thank you and blessings to your cat.

  2. I just posted an update to the situation on The Altai Project website – http://altaiproject.org/?p=1832. Hope that’s helpful! It sounds like what they really need out there is a stroke of luck in finding the crash site. Perhaps some of your meditations could be directed toward that. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for the update, Jennifer, please keep us posted!

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