Patricia Cota Robles Speaking about the participation of the Indigenous Ancestors

August 13th, 2011 World Congress on Illumination – Tucson, AZ

Patricia Cota Robles Speaking about the participation of the Indigenous Ancestors

The Earth is being transformed into a sun, as are all of the planets in our system of worlds.   Our sun is being transformed into a Central Sun, the Sun beyond the sun.  And our Central Sun is ascending to the Great Central Sun.  All life is moving up the  next octave  up the spiral of evolution.

Our beloved  physical Sun and the exponents of that sun, the representatives of our Father Mother God,  are our beloved Helios and Vesta.  And they have been preparing us at a cellular level for this shift throughout this entire week as we have seen magnificent solar flares reflecting off of the sun, reverberating through all levels of consciousness into the atomic, cellular, subatomic and particles and waves of our four earthly bodies.

So through this activity of light of beloved Mother Mary and all the feminine aspects of deity, a healing took place, bringing the divine feminine within us to a higher frequency that we have experienced since prior to the fall of humanity.  Bringing it into harmony and balance with the newly activated divine masculine pulsating within every heart flame.

Our mother god is an exponent and holds the sacred immaculate concept for the elemental kingdom, the divine intelligence that creates the substance of Earth, Air, Fire and Water which is the substance of our four earthly bodies, the substance of the bodies of beloved Mother Earth and the physical plane of earth.  This divine, intelligent life, is directed by the mighty Elohim who are the builders of form and by the directors of each of the elemental substances.

The directors of the elements of the Earth Air Fire and Water took their strategic positions around the planet  on that sacred and holy day.  The directors of the Air element took their position at the north pole.  The directors of the water element took their position at the East equatorial point.  The director of the Earth element took their position at the south pole  and the directors of the Fire element took their position at the western point of this planet.  Within the heart of the planet, the mighty beings that represent the higher, more rarefied, etheric substance of the 5th dimension, took their position within the sun of even pressure at the center of the earth.

These beings sent forth their radiant light through all of the elemental kingdom.  Our Mother God is the caretaker who holds the sacred space for the immaculate concept of the manifestation of the new heaven and the new earth.  And these  beings of light respond to all of her love nature.   This is why we refer to Mother Earth and Mother Nature.  Because of the reverberating essence of our mother god, the essence of divine love, that reverberates through the elemental kingdom.

Our mother god, on that sacred and holy day, sent forth a clarion call to all of the ancestors of the indigenous people from every continent on this planet, through all time frames and dimensions asking them to return to earth to hold the sacred space for the transformation of this planet into her original divine destiny of freedoms holy star.   These magnificent beings, the ancestors, our grandmothers and grandfathers of all indigenous cultures through all time frames descended into the atmosphere of earth and traversed this planet north, south, east and west, taking their strategic positions in the countries of their homelands.

These magnificent beings of light are working with the elemental kingdom and they held the space, working through love and reverence for life, with the elemental kingdom, through all of our dark ages where we were in places where we had totally forgotten about the life and the awareness of this planet and we perceived that the earth was an inanimate object for us to use and abuse at will.  And we have abused her terribly by inflicting our greed and our selfishness and the atrocities on her intelligent life and the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of this planet.

There were many times when these indigenous people alone were sending enough love and reverence for life into the elemental kingdom to prevent them from abandoning humanity and leaving us to perish on this planet.  So we owe them an incredible debt of gratitude.  So, throughout the rest of this earthly sojourn, I want you to be conscious of the presence of these magnificent, selfless servers of our father mother god.  Send them your love and send them your gratitude for the service that they have always rendered to us in spite of our awareness and for the service that they are now rendering to us consciously until this planet and all her life are wholly ascended and free.

-Transcribed from the Closing Ceremony minute 18:25-24:00

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  1. es muy hermoso e interesante gracias por esta informacion

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