New Moon Activation Today: Message from Carol

“Your commitment to serving in the world will guide you to people who are inspired to guide you.” – Patricia Anne Davis

Note from Karah:
As you read the following message, please hold in your awareness that Carol is directly accessing the Altai energies, acting as way-shower as to how this process enables each of us to transcend.  My intuition is that this downloading is occurring on the pace that each person is able to connect.  I have found the Gold Star Meditation to be a very gentle way to connect and ground.

We can help lift Carols burden by connecting directly with the Altai energies coming through our local mountain portals.  Please participate however you feel called.

Dear Altai Fellowship and Grounding Groups,
with stone man

I am still in Siberia, thanking Creator and all my guides that I changed my ticket to stay behind when the group went home. Just getting you to the airport was extreme, and I got home and collapsed for another 14 hours – 48 hours total – until download for the 3rd chakra was complete.  I wonder how you all fared. The downloads are following the chakras down.

I had enough recovery time to ask the Brotherhood when the next round began – at noon my time. Having been too zombied to drink enough or to eat anything at all. I put out a panicked call for help. What happened was impressive. I felt the whole Brotherhood instantly present, and this robust voice said, “I think we can do it without pain this time.” I guess it’s a matter of degree – it was certainly less painful. I was able to hold down water and rice gruel. Not likely to be that intense for you all, but please don’t participate if you need to be functional.

THERE IS ONE REMAINING 12-14hour DOWNLOAD HAPPENING NOW!  PLEASE JOIN IN WHEN YOU GET THIS MESSAGE. It will go faster and easier if people pitch in. I will be grateful

1.      You will directly downloading from the portal. Ask your guides to modulate the intensity, so you can sleep if you need to.  Please distinguish between your connection to Patricia’ Blue Star Meditation and the actual Altai portal, which is most assuredly open.

2.       It may get intense as the Altai energy shifts your frequency and your energy blocks are opened. However, your intention will ensure you the healing benefits whether you feel anything or not. But in case it IS intense for you, which can happen to anyone at any time, please make sure you have a liter of water on hand, and are not hungry, but not full either. Showers will clear the energy of your blockages. Take a shower if you are feeling pain.

3.       I have experienced the download as sharp twinges above my left temple, and dull energetic roar on my right side. Volunteers in the ethers have been pulling the energy out my lower back.

4.       Again, please don’t participate if you need to be functional.

Here’s what has happened for me since August 13, as the person with responsibility for getting the portal open. The first frequency – that was the crown chakra – was quite mild.

The next day, people’s attention wandered, because nobody, including me, knew what to expect, although I knew for certain we weren’t finished. I asked for an evening re-focus. The opening of the second frequency – the third eye – must have begun at that point. I was so far out of my body that I did not even realize it until my legs simply collapsed underneath me. Carolyn and Maia helped me with grounding, and with communications with the keeper of the Tablets of Light, whereupon an other-dimensional being took over the grounding, and I was back on my feet by noon.

Things are pretty hazy for me from that point forward, as I attempted to escort the group on the six-day journey to the airport. Other people were downloading too. Two more frequency openings occurred – the heart and solar plexus. It was confirmed by the keeper of the Tablets of Light that I had already opened the throat-chakra frequency on my first trip to Altai in 1999.

And, after everybody left (I was SO grateful that I decided to delay my return), the second chakra frequency opened yesterday, somewhat more easily.

So now, within a few hours, the base chakra frequency will open for you to ground. Then, I hope, I will have some renewed strength and greater clarity and will be able to give a fuller explanation.

This grounding of life force into the planet is one of the most important functions of the human organism. This is one mechanism through which we will raise the planetary frequencies to enter the next era on Earth, and it is the sacred obligation and an extraordinary opportunity to radically raise your personal frequencies. Please participate if you can. There should be several similar downloading opportunities over the next year, hopefully with better information and advance notice. And after all the Altai energy is grounded, there are other caches to download in other mountain ranges.

Thank you for your participation. More details/photos about our fabulous journey will be forthcoming.



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