Meditation experience from the Mountains of Portugal

A group of 60/70 of us Shared a deep experience in Portugal, Seirra de Cabreira, near Mount Goces and Laruco.

We shared sacred sounds to prepare and enter a deeper state of connection and then did the gold star meditation.

Most expressed how strong the experience was. Focalizing the group, I felt a tremendous level of energy as we connected our light line to the Altai.

The day began with over 4000 at the european rainbow choosing to be in silence for the morning.

All day focused creative activities were happening. In the evening 2 parades of women and men separately paraded and then joined in a rainbow ceremony, dancing the elements and honouring the directions.

The sky was filled with amazing lattice patterns and as I wondered of the magnitude of this event I saw a huge Luck Dragon in the sky, made from the clouds,

with a star shooting across it’s open wings.

I give thanks to all who shared in this wonderful global experience!!!
With Deep Love and gratitude Z. xx

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