Carol returns with a message from Altai

Hi all!

You may have noticed that, beginning almost immediately after August 13, I was out of my body a lot. After the Fellowship left, on August 26, I was completely nonfunctional, unable to eat, or even to drink for a couple of days. When I finally “came to,” I ached all over and was completely weak. Marina Tyasto’s group, who were planning to come to Tyungur, but could not at the last minute, meditated in  Novosibirsk for the two weeks after August 13. They had many wonderful shifts of energy. They were also tracking me personally, and were surprised that, as they described it, my vibratory level was jumped considerably.

When I asked “inside” what was happening, I was told that my vibratory level had been increased to that of my “higher self,” which was apparently a soul agreement that was made. (Apparently due to conditions on Earth), I would not have been able to open the energy cache if I had been born at the vibratory level that I have “earned,” so

when the cache was opened, my vibratory level was “restored.”

I understand that this has not been done with a human body before (although it will be done in the future, with others), and it resulted in a massive physical healing crisis, as all of the energy blockages from the lower frequency were basically emptied into my body. And, most frustrating of all, my personality was still operating at the lower frequency — like a bird staying in the cage when the door is opened.

Gradually, that too is shifting.  My friends here have been nursing me back to health, and I am finally in a condition that I will be able to travel. Today is the first day I have been able to use the internet myself. Someone else wrote my messages before today. I will need at least another month of recovery time, alone, once I get back to Seattle.

Regarding on-going interaction with the Altai energy, it is my understanding that

a massive amount of life force has been released onto the Earth’s grid, and that the function of humans is to ground this energy.

I understand that it will take about a year for this energy to be grounded, and that the vibratory level of both the “grounding person” and the Earth is increased as the energy is grounded.

The Gold Star Meditation may be useful for you as a way of connecting, or you may make the connection in any way that feels effective to you.

Regarding the situation in Altai itself,  although the vibratory level in Altai is very high, Altai is, perhaps even for that reason, faced with serious attacks on its sacred lands, especially the Ukok Plateau, which is threatened with both a gas pipeline (held up from its 2011 construction date only by the inability of China and Russia to agree on a price for gas) and an international trade corridor to China (which is the more serious threat at this point).

We humans have tremendous creative power,

and the people of Altai have. this summer, put out an urgent call for help of any kind in sustaining the integrity of the sacred lands for which they are the stewards. If you would like to be practically involved (letters, fund-raising for legal costs, etc), contact Jennifer Castner at

Love to you all, and thank you for joining me on this amazing adventure!!

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