Daniel’s message to the Circle of Sound

Lake Akkem and the Sacred Mount of Altai

Hola beloved Circle of Sound Family,

I write to all our CONTACT members as we enter the month of  “ 9 / 11 ” and continue with all our changes.

First I want to thank all of you who participated and supported the work we recently accomplished in Altai, Siberia, working to Harmonize, re-open and re-activate the great Portal of Shambhala energy in this area, around the magical and sacred Mount Beluha on the past full moon, August 13. I have just returned a week ago from the six-week expedition there, and can tell you that it was a wonderful experience and quite an adventure to see such sacred and powerful land and people. I now have ever more respect and admiration and honor for the Altai, which translates > people of the land. Our ceremony on the August 13 was very powerful, as was the week afterward, when we stayed in the same location as the ceremony and worked to ground into the Earth this new flow of Divine Love and Light. We generated a huge group antenna of this Divine Love and Light, and we continue to work with it, attracting more and more of this energy, Love and Light all the time. The works goes on!!!.

So again, thanks to all of you who participated and who continue to participate with us.

Altar for the full moon ceremony and the week afterwards

While there, we spent one night with some Kogis from Colombia, who were there in Altai to work to unite the indigenous peoples, so that they can work TOGETHER to preserve and maintain the sacredness of their lands, mountains, rivers and Mother Nature.

They were there in Altai with a group of people who have recently been in North America and the Unitd Nations for the same intention, to unite the elders of the different nations there. The Kogis are part of this work, as they see it as essential to preserve the sacred lands around the planet. It was an honor to sit in circle and in ceremony with these beautiful people. The outcome of the discussion shared that night was to generate some very specific and conscious documents and declarations, to be presented to the governments of the countries where there are such sacred lands that need to be preserved and respected. I consider this to be very important work.

The group asked all of us present to support the presentation of these documents with our minds, consciousness and hearts. I have asked to be informed when such documents and declarations are to be presented to the governments. I now ask which of you are interested in being informed, so that we can have some special crystal bowl ceremonies to support these presentations. This is a bit different from our on-going Circle of Sound ceremonial work, yet it is another way to take advantage of the power of our crystal sounds and united consciousness. I believe that we will have other such opportunities in the future to unite and support and contribute to such activities around the planet. So please respond to me and let me know of your interest and willingness to be involved in this work.

I have one other very important request of you. I trust that you all comprehend the “deeper” intention of our Circle of Sound Global Harmonization Ceremony…the part at the end of our five intentions: “…Among all beings of the Planet,” referring most specifically to our intraterrestrial family of brothers and sisters living inside the planet at very specific and important sites/portals, at each site carrying on work to maintain certain frequencies for the well-being of Mother Earth and all Her creations. I refer to the primary purpose of this ceremony: to establish and maintain communication and contact with our underground family. I have heard from a few of you over the years who have felt the presence of this family, and who have received some words, sensations and/or messages from them. My request now is to those of you who have received any information from them that might be of benefit to the well-being of those of us on the surface of the planet. Such as information about any of their technologies and applications of Light and energies, about their abilities to grow their food supply and nourishments, their communication system and their transportation systems. As well as anything else that you might have received. I do not intend to immediately share this information across the internet, better to consider it and discern the best course of action with such information. Let us consider all this together. Thank you very much for whatever you have to share.

And again, thank you, bless you all for your good works, for your support and participation in our Circle of Sound events and ceremonies, which may be increasing as the need to do so increases. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for responding. If I do not hear back from you, I will consider that your response.

Daniel Brower

Many blessings all over the planet,

O Bla Di Bla Da

2 responses to “Daniel’s message to the Circle of Sound”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    I’d like to learn more about the interterrestials. Perhaps if you make it to Seattle we could talk more about it. Until then keep me on your email list. Maia

  2. okey maguey we are on the wey over the rainbow and thru the woods back to the farm we all came from and we need to remember how to get back to
    remember to extend your prayer fields to include all your possible wishes and intentions for the good of humankind and its guests on this marvellous planet we like to call earth mystery

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