Krystal Kelley and the Rainbow Bridge

Rainbows while boarding overnight train back to Novosibirsk
I was physically separated from the group in Altai, however, the independent meditation and connection to the land and spirits I was able to make has percolated throughout my being. Upon coming home, I was exhausted…it has taken me a few weeks to get my energy level back to “normal”.
Here is a journal entry I had on August 30, 2011:
It as if I am coming out of a fog, sifting through webs of mist in order to reach a level of universal rhythm, love and peace. I feel love replacing hate and fear. The web feels karmically controlled….we all hold our own thread. I shift my thread, affecting the whole….intrinsically, vibrantly making a difference. Engaging reverence, congruency…the difference, the real act of doing….being.
Rainbows Camping near Djazator enroute to Ukok

We are all present, I feel it…I look forward to see what this group can accomplish over the course of this next year. Thank you to all.

Many Blessings and I wanna add in a DOUBLE RAINBOW!

2 responses to “Krystal Kelley and the Rainbow Bridge”

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    1. What a sweet story, thanks for sharing!

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