October 11th: The 7th Day and Sowing the Seeds of Universal Consciousness

by Sean Caulfield Artist

…when last did you dance to the song of life…

Evolution is constantly looking for a new soul-lotion. The solution comes from the clarity seen in the past lessons. This understanding will bring about the fruit that has seeds that can be dispersed for the next cycle to grow. However, we need to water this with pure intentions of unconditional love.

This is what the natural order of the universe does without thinking, because it works with the heart that connects to Creator/Source that decides to give Divine birth so as to allow for a Divine outcome. It is our mind that we need to allow not to get in our hearts way. The mind and the heart are the ultimate of Dualities that are growing to be ONE and that is why opposites are complementaries.

We are the fruit yet we are also the seed.

What we intend and how we act out our “play” on the stage of life is also what we are sowing as the seeds of consciousness. You reap what you sow. The Mayan calendar is like a map of consciousness that is showing the Divine Plan that is aligned to natures flow and is reaping what it has sown so as to allow for a future of infinite Oneness. By following your hearts intuition you will naturally be aligning to the Divine Plan of infinite Oneness. A deep understanding of the consciousness of the Mayan calendar will allow one to see that Evolution has a Divine Plan.

Article by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman.The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes.


Please feel free to post and translate.

For those not familiar, the Creation cycle of the 9 levels of the Mayan calendar that is a mirror of the Cosmic Tree of the Universe, comes to it’s fruition on the 28th of October (completion) after a process of growth “as Divinely ordered chaos” shown in the form of dualistic shifts, that span from the beginning of time (16.4 Billion years ago) according to the Mayan Calendar.


When looking at something, if ever you think to yourself, “I see this something in a new light” it is not so much that it has changed but rather it is more that you have shifted perception of who you are within, so as to see yourself in a knew light. This is the new reality that is dawning and we have direct access to allow this shift to happen for the better for ourselves and all. And the simple fact is that it’s just a shift to seeing your world as being within you. Everything evolves as a result of your intention from the aspect of who you are and we are changing to become fully conscious of ourselves. Most of the time we feed our consciousness with stuff that is maybe not valid. We can consciously stalk ourselves by looking at what we are doing and thinking, so as to see outcomes before they unfold and at that moment ask for Divine guidance. We are seeing that what we do to life we are doing to ourselves, as nothing is separate. Like in the Avatar Film, we are all connected through an invisible network that lives off the vibration from the Tree of Souls that is sensitive to a Divine outcome of peace.


Here is a YouTube I made from Cape Town, at the roots of the World Tree… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gop9A9Omz9E


Here is a link to my latest Articles. The 6th Night… http://www.oursacreduniverse.co.za/articles.html


Through Love

Sean Caulfield



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