Message from the Illuminated Beings of Altai

In cities around the world people are gathering in expression of the Unity Consciousness of the New Age.

We are calling you to participate in this process by working to clear your inner and outer planes of all disharmony.  The energy released this summer from the Altai Mountain Cache is intended for this purpose.  We see clearly the impact this influx has had on the Collective Human Conscience in it’s great awakening.

This spiritual awakening is accelerating in momentum with peak experiences projected for several dates:  October 28, November 11, December 21, 2011.

Our greatest contribution to this process is to apply the purifying energies of transmutation and replenishment into this strengthening field to prevent the misdirection of anger and to protect the fledgling field from disruption.

You are the hands and hearts of Mother Earth.

You are tasked with the purpose of incubation and protection of the infant state of the fifth dimensional frequencies of human expression on the Ascending Earth.

You have heard this many times before.  Let this be a reminder of how important your strength of spirit is at this time of awakening.  Maintaining equilibrium in harmonious  connection with Gaia is the most powerful contribution you can make at this time.  Your heartfelt participation is vital.

Whatever means you are comfortable with to help you connect with Gaia in her fifth dimensional ascension will accomplish your purpose.  All that is important is that your mind is in equilibrium as you connect and that peace fills your heart.

Do no fear, do not despair, do not succumb to doubt or sorrow.  Be of strong faith and application of will in your task now.  Witness the expansion of light as we rejoin with you.  The veil has lifted, sight has been restored.  You are blessed beings of unquenchable light.

Know this is true.  Feel it in your heart.  And so it is.

5 responses to “Message from the Illuminated Beings of Altai”

  1. Thank you. i think the most important part of this message is to strengthen so that there is no misdirection of energy such as the anger energy. I see, for example, in the Occupy movement, so much anger that can end up misdirected with groups already in disharmony with each other. I call on all persons who are skillful in group facilitation methods who use and understand the benefit of group work in circles, to step forward and offer to lead groups to look at ‘Creating a future I love’ or such similar theme. this would direct the energies into more harmony. There are thousands of meeting facilitators on the planet. If each one offered to lead even a few meetings in their location, a great effect would be felt.

  2. Namaste.On Saturday in Miami,Crystal Skull Max(Sholomo Melech-King Of Peace)was fired .The preset for 11-11-11-has some last resistance.we and I thank All who everyday in everyway are bringing the new Earth into manifestation.From Bakal to Machu Picchu.I thank eveyone.It is impossible to be less than a Collective of OneLove.Namaste

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  4. did any of you ever study the book by redfield called the secret of shambalah the 11th insight? he apparently got into that dimension and the deeper temples and wrote a book about it!

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