Nov 17th: Carol Speaks to Bellingham IONS “Riding the Golden Dragon: Transmitting Sacred Life Force from Altai

Bellingham IONS theme:

CELEBRATE TRANSFORMATION! Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses

Carol Hiltnerour Senses

Thursday Evening, November 17, 2011
7:00-9:00PM (Doors open at 6:30)
Fairhaven Library (ground floor: Fireside Room)
1117  12th Ave, Bellingham (Fairhaven District)November 17th, 7pm

“Riding the Golden Dragon: Transmitting Sacred Life Force from Altai”


Carol will share her recent experiences in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia, an area that is well known as one of Earth’s primary energy centers. She writes “The personal fields of people entering Altai are entrained to the energy flow, frequently resulting in dramatic ‘healing crises’ as the flow pushes through personal energy blockages. Even an armchair presentation about Altai can be life-changing, because transformations can begin spontaneously when you simply hear the name or see pictures. However, during the global transition from the onslaught of pilgrims into Altai threatens its environmental integrity. So, the energy exchange for riding the golden dragon is personal responsibility to be a steward of the sacred.


Carol Hiltner is an author/artist/activist who was called into direct service of the White Brotherhood in 1998, to help the world access the powerful flow of sacred life force that enters Earth’s energy grid through the Altai Mountains in Central Asia (southern Siberia). This past summer, she brought together the “Altai Fellowship” for a 6-week expedition to open and globally disseminate a cache of life force that the White Brotherhood had gathered in the Altai Mountains as a reserve for Mother Earth in time of need. Extensive information about Altai and the activities of the Altai Fellowship is available at and

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