Archangel Gabriel: The 11:11:11 Gateway to Unity Consciousness

Received 10/24/11 by Shanta Gabriel

One response to “Archangel Gabriel: The 11:11:11 Gateway to Unity Consciousness”

  1. Very encouraging! As we move towards a new reality in the evolution of Mother Earth and all her children. While reading this I felt especially connected to those spots of power we connected with the White Mountain during the ceremonies we held on the date of SHE WHO HEALS MOON (August 13th). I feel led to try to organise ceremonies to be held in those 5 Sacred Places in Ontario and Quebec on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month ofthe 11th year of this new era. The Grandmothers are asking me to ask you all to do the same so that in fact it becomes …… one 11 for each of the Four Sacred Directions of Mother Earth!

    This is the message I received from Those Who Sit beyond the Western Door.
    Baa maa Nin,

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