The new cycle begins!

Those of us who hoped for a quick “ascension” bump yesterday haven’t been paying attention.

Because we are, as sparks of life, instantaneously everywhere, our state of being is simply a matter of where we focus our intentions. We humans are accustomed to focusing on 3D + T.

As someone whose focus got abruptly refocused (over a period of two weeks) in August 2011, I can tell you that a gradual shift (if that is what you experiencing) is much to be preferred. At that time was that I did indeed “remember” that I am one with my higher self. It was truly awesome.

But I also felt an immediate, urgent need to attend to my physical body, which toward the end of that two weeks, had not been fed or watered for several days. That snapped me back into my human awareness, but not entirely. I hurt all over and was too weak to even stand without help. I figure what happened is that everything physical that could not be sustained in my new “point of view” got dumped into my physical system to be cleared away. That took another month.

However, the sense of expansiveness did not go away. I experienced myself as a caged bird might, when the cage is suddenly removed. I was suddenly free, but free for what? The cage was my familiar territory. The great expanse was unmapped in my human perception.

I understood that integration would take time. My understanding is what is unique about our current Earthly experience is that as we increase our vibratory level, we are, as a group, taking physical bodies with us.

At the same time, I must affirm that all of us are seeds of the Oneness, just doing an experiment — that of experiencing limitation. We are all Masters, and at this time, we have completed one chapter and are moving on the next. There is no “other.” There is only I AM! I am grateful for the opportunity.

I include a link below, which affirms my experience of this by its similarity to my own experience.

2 responses to “The new cycle begins!”

  1. I appreciate your awareness, and I choose to be in allowance of you as I have been in allowance of similar experiences in my spiritual youth. To mention that you neglected your basic human functions of being fed and watered is a tale amongst, enlightened individuals that i simply find full of ridicule for those educated light beings that choose to nurture themselves with earth / universal energies . Not being able to stand up after a so called journey within yourself ( although it does sound like you chose to go out there), is not ,repeat ,is not a way to ascend to anything ‘ other than a continuous cycle of psychological self doubt. We all have our point of views and there are plenty of talented dedicated individuals that devote themselves to the purpose of individual soul divination. of you

    1. Dear Jenny,
      I also appreciate your awareness. It is interesting to receive your feedback. It appears that you have judged a projection, because what you have written is not indicative of my experience at all, really. Please be assured that ridicule and self-doubt, or any discounting of myself and others was nowhere in my mind. I hope that, whatever my message brought up for you, you are able to receive the message rather than condemn the messenger.

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