Free sacred feminine teleseminar

This seems like an interesting opportunity:

Entering the Mystery of Feminine Alchemy:
Reclaiming the Power of the Goddess Within

A Free Teleseminar with
Author, Priestess, Unconventional Initiator

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 5:30pm US Pacific / 8:30pm US Eastern
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We are calling the sacred sisters (and brothers) who are here to help awaken and rebalance our world. It is time! And this free event is a portal into a new understanding of yourself and our time.

Are you a being who recognizes it is time to access and awaken your distinctly feminine powers?

If so, you likely have noticed that this power has never been adequately opened up by traditional spiritual paths and religions. There’s a reason for that: the vast majority of the paths in the last 2000 years have been created by men who didn’t understand how to ignite, open, and awaken the feminine face of God.

The schools and trainings for female priestesses, which shaped so much of ancient history and provided a counterbalance to masculine power structures, largely were dismantled in the west.

The result? Women have lacked initiatory traditions that allow us to claim our full spiritual power in a distinctly feminine way.

That is changing now and Ariel Spilsbury is one of the reasons why: she has been quietly training and developing a divine feminine lineage that is profound and alchemical and unlike anything you associate with spiritual practice.

She has done this work out of the limelight, never doing teleseminars or summits or speaking engagements, simply trusting that the right people will find her when they are ready for initiation into this feminine wisdom.

Ariel sourced the lineage of the 13 moon mystery school that gave rise to Devaa Haley and Elayne’s Soulful Women program. She’s played an initiatory role with other faculty and leaders in the Shift Network, including the founder Stephen Dinan. She is a crazy-wise, cosmically-connected woman to whom serious, dedicated seekers are instinctively drawn.

We would love to tell you about what you will discover during this first-ever event with her and the benefits of attending. But it simply won’t work. That’s not how she works. She enters into the frequency of the feminine mysteries and allows the truth of the moment to emerge from the consciousness that is present.

So there’s not a curriculum except the one scripted by Life itself.

What we DO know is that she’ll work with archetypal energies and explore the alchemy of awakening in a more multi-dimensional way than you have encountered.

This in-the-moment approach is at the heart of feminine alchemy and the Goddess energy: it is organic, unpredictable, multi-dimensional and multi-valent. It is receptive to the truth of each moment.

We can guarantee this will be an out-of-the-box event that helps ignite a deeper understanding of what a truly feminine spiritual path looks like and how you can continue to reclaim the Goddess(es) within you.

As we cross the threshold of a new era in which women reclaim their rightful place of partnership in the co-creation of our world, it is time to understand and celebrate the distinctly feminine ways of accessing, expressing, and transmuting the life-giving feminine energy of the Cosmos.

Ariel will enter into the mystery with us for this special free event. This may well be the only time she ever does this as she lives outside of technology and time, so it’s an odd thing for her to do a teleseminar and she’s agreed to do it with some reluctance.

So come and discover more of what has led so many to come to Ariel as a muse, initiatrix, and utterly divine Fool who is helping us lift the veil on far larger truths and embody a far beautiful reality – the Goddess in all her splendor.

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About Ariel Spilsbury

Ariel is a planetary priestess of the Goddess. Her passion is participating in the conscious evolution of this planet and all its inhabitants. This takes the form of traveling to share the wisdom of the Divine Feminine around the globe, which she has done for over thirty years. She has devoted her life to the conscious awakening of all beings. This she has offered through writing, teaching, sacred theater presentations, creating a metaphysical store, conferences, consciousness events, lectures, seminars, starting a metaphysical newspaper, moon circles for women, spiritual counseling and maintaining a temple for the Goddess for twenty five years. Ariel is a cheerleader for consciousness, ceremonialist and consciousness initiator.

She presently offers spiritual counseling service and various workshops with the intention of planetary awakening. The present focus of her awareness is grounding a Living Mystery School, priestess training and sound and light temple on Earth called The Sanctuary of the Open Heart.

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