Message from Altai for the year 2022, A Return of the Ancient Ways

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Every new moon in the year 2022, Maia Rose will be clarifying guidance from the Illuminated Beings of remote mountains of Altai in Siberia where a cache of ancient wisdom was opened in 2011.

Message from Altai for the year 2022

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Return of the Ancient Ways

In this New Moon Message from Altai, Maia Rose relays guidance for us for the upcoming year as we continue to acclimate to the pace of global change.  

As we shift in our awareness into a renewed humane conscience for humanity, all that is not in service to the force of life will continue to fall apart and dissolve into the truth of universal oneness.

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2022 Podcast Graphic Fairy sitting on mushroom with crystals below

2022 – Return to the Ancient Ways

Episode contents:

  • Recorded on the 11/11 portal of 2021
  • Messages of Hope and Healing
  • Numerology of 2022

Read the Podcast transcript below
Transcript has been edited for print by Maia Rose and Karah Pino

Maia Rose telepathically relayed this message from the Illuminated Beings of Altai while Karah and Krystal grounded the space.

-Begin Transcript-


Krystal Kelley
So we’re here today with Karah Pino and Maia Rose and myself, Krystal Kelley. We are present on the 11/11 portal, November 11, 2021 and we’re harnessing this manifesting energy to really look ahead at 2022 and ground ourselves and see what lies ahead.

Karah, do you want to tell us about this time of year?

Karah Pino
Sure. During this time of year in the northern hemisphere, we are sinking into winter, as we are watching all of the trees and plants kind of sink back into themselves. It is also time for us to begin our internal reflection, a time we start to plan for our yearly respite. The remainder of winter, it’s intended to be a restful time, after the all the work of the summer and the harvest. And so, we have this opportunity to rest as the nights get longer. To be in tune with the Earth’s energy, we should be sleeping more as the power shifts from daytime into nighttime. Our focus becomes planning the internal, like, touching our internal knowing and assessing the activities that we’ve been through. Then we can open our inner mind to look at the possibilities that we can plant for the next cycle of the year: planting in the spring.

As we delve into ourselves and assess where we are, and recognize that we have all globally been in such an amazing but incredibly difficult period of time where so much is changing in the world. Taking this opportunity to allow ourselves some grace, to reassess where we’re looking to go in the year of 2022, especially after things have been so unsettled. And in this unsettling process, there’s opportunity for new growth and new life. We can release what is no longer working for us or what is no longer available to us. So there’s some grief in this time, but there’s also the appreciation for the life that we do have.
I’m so grateful to be able to share this time with the two of you and hear what Maia has to say about how we can best use our time in 2022.

2022: The Return of the Ancient Ways

My guides are saying that the upcoming year of 2022 is the year (and I’m inserting, “or more,” this could happen for more than a year,) the Year of the Ancient Ways. So it’s about the return to the ancient ways of the indigenous people in the world. And for all of us to learn from that way of being.

When the information was released that had been cached inside the portal within the Altai Mountains, we were trusted to use this magnified energy and knowledge, with wisdom, for the good of us all. The indigenous peoples’ spiritual traditions, their closeness to nature, and knowledge of herbal lore continues to contain healing information that we all need to incorporate into our lives.

Learn from the remaining indigenous elders, support them, especially when they’re being treated unfairly. Object when they’re being treated like the least of us, rather than the best. (The best – meaning that they’ve retained the ancient wisdom.) Support the indigenous children who are incarnating now to resume their traditions.

Nature is made up of a multitude of interrelated ecosystems. So are our bodies. All the systems, the microcosm and the macrocosm, put together make up life. Again, spend time in nature. Listen closely to what it has to tell you. We (meaning the guides) will always guide you to be one with nature.

The Numerology of 2022

Here’s some numerology: The number two, two, two means “have faith, everything is going to be alright. Don’t worry about anything as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.” So the number two is about turning our worries over to our higher selves. It aids in manifesting our positive intentions.

If you add 2-0-2-2, it comes to the number six. Number six relates to physical manifestations on Earth such as possessions and concrete tangibles. Remember to balance thoughts or worries about the material with a focus and trust in the spiritual plane.

What they’re saying (the spirit guides) is “live simply.” The more possessions you have, the more possessions you need to take care of. If you are uncertain what to keep or pass on, feel free to ask your guides “Ask us,” they’re saying. Reducing possessions and not acquiring new things is good for the planet. It makes for a more equitable distribution and reduces the use of raw materials.

Maia Rose
That’s it for today. And then in 2022, when we do the monthly readings, there always will be something more.

Karah Pino
Beautiful. Thank you so much, Maia. Thank you to all the guides who joined us today.

Maia Rose
Yes. And they say, “Remember to ask for help!”

Karah Pino
Oh, yes, they’re there for us!

Maia Rose
Yes. But because they’re divine beings, they can’t override our free will. So they’re eagerly waiting for us to ask them for help, so then they can get involved.

Krystal Kelley
Yes, I keep hearing “Just ask, just ask.” Like if you have a need whatever it is, just ask.

Maia Rose
Yeah. So thank you, Altai Mountains and the Ancient Ones. Thank you for all the Ascended Masters. Thank you, angels and fairies and the Imps. Thank you for this reading, you’ve been very helpful. Continue to surround us and we will definitely ask you for help. And you can show us signs along the way. And we had a good time talking to you today. Amen.

Karah Pino
Amen. Aho!

Krystal Kelley
Namaste. Thank you.

—END of 2022 Reading: A Return to the Ancient Ways—

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