Message from Altai: A Sacred Reminder for Starseeds

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Every new moon in the year 2022, Maia Rose will be clarifying guidance from the Illuminated Beings of remote mountains of Altai in Siberia where a cache of ancient wisdom was opened in 2011.

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This message is for all Light Beings on our planet: Now is the time to shine brighter, ask your guides for help to visualize and manifest a new normal that is for the benefit of all living beings on planet Earth.

The Starseed Program is a program involving those numerous souls that have already finished with their time on Earth that volunteered to come back with two missions while being here.

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Listen to Starseed Message from Altai

Message for Starseeds
Episode contents:

  • Intro
  • Return your Focus to Joy
  • What is the Starseed Program?
  • Remember to Ask for Help!

Read the Podcast transcript below
Transcript has been edited for print by Maia Rose and Karah Pino

Maia Rose telepathically relayed this message from the Illuminated Beings of Altai while Karah and Krystal grounded the space.

Return your focus to Joy

Maia Rose
So, they (the illuminated beings) are telling me that it’s really, really important to not get caught up in politics and in the worry about COVID. That those are all dark, dark, dark, dark forces, and that we need to focus on the spiritual. Any political debates and arguments about vaccine / not vaccine, any of that stuff is a useless expenditure of energy unless there’s something that goes along with it. You know, if there’s some political action that is purposeful, okay. It’s, it’s just okay, though. They really want the people of Earth to focus their attention on joy.

The Starseed Program

They’re like, the excitement that you feel right now and that they feel… there’s a song and there’s a part in it, “and a change is gonna come,” you know, it’s like, “Hold on there hold on there, just keep focusing on the light!” And if you think of the phrase the “new normal,” see that as what you do with intention for the new moon. They are the seeds and so forth. Just keep blasting the light.

Maia Rose
And they also want me to remind people about the Starseed Program. The Starseed Program is a program involving those numerous souls that have already finished with their time on Earth that volunteered to come back with two missions while being here. Mission #1: Is to shine light, they’re lightworkers, but Mission #2: Is to ask all the spirit beings that they can for their help. This is a really important part of that program, because Earth is a freewill planet and these various spirit beings and angels and holy people and ascended masters, they cannot help us unless we ask for them to help us.

So, the idea is that when each light worker incarnates would be in a position to multiple Divine Beings to help making significant more beings to light up the Earth and vanquish the dark. Now I see an image of the sun, but I also see lightning bolts, the energy of lightning bolts. And it isn’t to be harmful, it’s just to increase the light.

So that’s the basic core message.

Remember to Ask for Help

Krystal Kelley
Yes, I keep hearing “Just ask, just ask.” Like if you have a need whatever it is, just ask.

Maia Rose
Yes. So thank you, Altai Mountains and the Ancient Ones. Thank you for all the Ascended Masters. Thank you, angels and fairies and the Imps. Thank you for this reading, you’ve been very helpful. Continue to surround us and we will definitely ask you for help. And you can show us signs along the way. And we had a good time talking to you today. Amen.

Karah Pino
Amen. Aho!

Krystal Kelley
Namaste. Thank you.

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