Serendipities Are The Signs That Show Us The Way – Message from Altai by Maia Rose

“Many people are surprised when a serendipity occurs. But, in actuality, they are normal everyday occurrences.”

In 2011 a cache of ancient wisdom was opened in the remote Altai Mountains of Siberia. Every month in the year 2022, we are bringing clarifying guidance from the Illuminated Beings who guard this cache. These monthly messages are produced in collaboration with Karah Pino, Krystal Kelley and Maia Rose.

When you incarnate into this lifetime on Earth, you come in with skills to help you survive. These survival skills are usually referred to as your intuition and you all have one. Some examples are clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience and others. This is how to communicate with higher power and in return, that is the way higher power communicates with you.

Moon Messages with Maia Rose Podcast

The entire universe and megaverse can be thought of as one huge ecosystem or web of existence.

Maia Rose

And because it is one ecosystem, any part of the system can communicate with any other part of the system. One way to think of the Divine is as ALLTHEREIS–both macrocosm and microcosm.

Many people are surprised when a serendipity occurs. But, in actuality, they are normal everyday occurrences. They only seem abnormal because you have been taught to disregard them. Starting in most grade schools, you have been taught that being intuitive and/or empathic is weird. If you try to describe all the miracles around you, you may be ridiculed or shamed.

What is serendipity? One example is when the very thing you need shows up right when you need it. Or your sister calls right when you need to hear from her. Or you get in a car crash and a doctor shows up right when you need her to save your life. You all have stories like this. Pay attention and you will become aware of more of it.

Thank the universe. Be grateful! The more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for, as one will lead to the other.

If in school and in life, you are valued as left-brain thinkers, you are more likely to miss the signs. You will talk yourself out of noticing them. This is unfortunate, even tragic. You end up outside the flow that has the very answers you need. You can’t see, hear or feel the signs around you to get the best results. ALL THAT IS is sending love and light but instead of absorbing it, it bounces off you and is potentially wasted.

If you faithfully follow the signs that speak to you, you will end up being guided by the way. So, what is the way? The Ancient Way is living in collectivity and harmony. It is helping others out of love and kindness but also out of knowing that you are as weak as your weakest link and you are as strong as your combined strength.

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