The Divine Masculine– Message from Altai by Maia Rose

High vibrational energy will heal the Earth.

Regardless of your gender in this lifetime, you can all strive to develop into wise men and women. In fact, your success depends on it.

In 2011 a cache of ancient wisdom was opened in the remote Altai Mountains of Siberia. Every month in the year 2022, we are bringing clarifying guidance from the Illuminated Beings who guard this cache. These monthly messages are produced in collaboration with Karah Pino, Krystal Kelley and Maia Rose.

The Divine Masculine is the part of divinity that gives you the will to act and the wisdom to take right action. Each of you have both the Divine Feminine, the creative spark, and the Divine Masculine, the ability to act on your creative ideas.

However, at times, one or the other of these two inner qualities can get blocked. Or you may have been taught that it is okay to do one or the other but not both. To have the benefits of a balanced life we need to be capable of doing both.

Moon Messages with Maia Rose Podcast

For example, you can use your feminine side to design a kitchen garden and then your masculine side to plant, care for and harvest the garden. It can be a joint endeavor, not only within an individual but also within a family or community. Because the best way to live is to live in harmony. 

Maia Rose

For many years our messenger, Maia Rose, had many ideas but found them very difficult to act on them. “How can I implement my ideas?” she asked, feeling frustrated and sad. Her problem, at that time, was that during her childhood she was harmed for taking actions that would have benefited herself and humanity. As a result, she was afraid to do things that she longed to do. For a long time, she and her friends and family did not know what blocked her. Most people that she knew, friends and family, called it “procrastination” without seeing her underlying emotional injuries.

Another common occurrence is competition between family members. For example, father and son or brother and brother. Then, instead of joint enterprise, there is jealousy. This type of misuse of the masculine harms those who engage in it and it ultimately harms the condition of 

Mother Earth. Why would you want to harm the place which you live on and in?

Why poison the air, the water-ways and your food? Why not use your feminine aspect to generate plans to care for the Earth and your masculine aspect to implement them.

In various spiritual teachings, the teacher refers to the “wise man.” Regardless of your gender in this lifetime, you can all strive to develop into wise men and women. In fact, your success depends on it. As this is the way that high vibrational energy will be there to heal the Earth.

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