Patricia speaks at the 2022 Creatrix Convergence VIDEO

Learn more about Navajo Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis and follow her Indigenous Wisdom Institute

Soak in the wisdom and language of this Indigenous elder to understand:

  • What a “Reverent Revolution” is and why it is needed at this time on the planet
  • How to Re-frame our thinking for our collective survival
  • Why a return to the “natural order” will lead to meaningful solutions, collaboration, and synergy
  • The importance of women moving beyond the social conditioning that says, “I’m not worthy”
  • The sequencing of the Indigenous Ceremonial Change Process which leads to “Living the Loving Way of Life”

Print a High Quality Version of her Affirmation of Our Interconnectedness HERE

Native American Concepts

Re-Storing the Sacred
Creatrix Convergence Global Conference 2022

Many beautiful initiatives are emerging that serve to empower and inspire our transformation journey as a human family walking on beautiful Gaia. One such initiative is Creatrix Convergence 2022, a live global conference from July 11-15, 2022, and Patricia Anne Davis will be among the featured speakers in this 5-day online global event.

Click here to register for the Creatrix Convergence.

Lis Williams and Sheila Cash have created a beautiful new global conference bringing together a diverse and visionary collective of women leaders who are transforming the lives of women and children and compassionately healing humanity and our planet!

During this event, over 30 female environmentalists, healers, educators, business owners, activists, humanitarians, social entrepreneurs, indigenous elders, spiritual leaders, and evolutionaries will be sharing their wisdom. Here is an example of some of these sharings:

  • Barbara Marx Hubbard – Becoming a New Human

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