Nabusimake –

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


August 18th to 22nd of 2011

One Heart Productions, LLC

PO Box 687 ~ Sedona, AZ 86339

Fax:  928 282 6791


Spiritual Gathering of the Four Indigenous Nations

of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta

These are the words of our elder brothers.

“This gathering has several essential purposes:

We will work in the consolidation of our energy and spirit. We want to work together, for the energetic and spiritual understanding and also to share what we are allowed to, so that people understand and comprehend our ways of doing the offerings/payments in the territorial space.

We want to talk about the respect for universe, spirit and thought.

In this time we are living, it is necessary to understand ourselves first through words, before moving on to the action and be able to comprehend the message of origin. This is one of the essential purposes of the gathering.

This is the first call we make ever, for a gathering that will be focused on the universal phenomenon of the energy of the return of the ancestors. Those ancestors that gave origin to the material world and that existed from the beginning of the times.

The Mamos (high priests) have known a lot of people who are in their searching process and follow a spiritual path and people who work for peace of mankind. This is where the idea to make the gathering came from, so we can invite these people to see, observe and analyze the effect that we are producing in the universe and on planet earth and so we can share all the knowledge.

At the end of this gathering we want to talk about the policy of land reclamation and the defense of the ancestral cultures.

In this way, we want as an essential exercise that the people in the gathering assume a commitment and responsibility with themselves and with this first call we are making.

Our proposal is to make a closing ceremony of commitments with our universe.”

Itinerary for Gathering

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