Altai High Mountain Portal

Altai / Altay Mountains, Siberia

Sending New Earth energy worldwide since 2011

Grounding Group meditations and celebrations
of transformation through art music dance

Please join us however you are inspired.

Gold Star Meditation Designed for Activation and Grounding 

Meditation designed for the Altai Fellowship by Patricia Anne Davis, MA

Uniting with a Collective Intention:

“Connect with the intention between Mother Earth and Father Sky, where the Fellowship has walked the distance on the physical plane to intend, to visualize, to affirm, and to manifest the Afirmative thinking system that eternally exists in the natural order
To affirm is to know the truth of this work, to trust the truth of this work. 
Realize that we are all equally a precious child of creator.  We can cooperate and collaborate for our collective survival on earth to renew, to restore the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.
We renew and restore our spiritual holistic self and also the planet earth simultaneously the same way that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm.
We “re-ignite the fire” of this intention for the future generations. 
If we take care of the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, then we will be taking care of ourselves collectively in the future.  We interconnect with the divine to affirm that we have heard and understand the intent for humanity to become humane.”

By Navajo Wisdom Keeper Patricia Anne Davis

What is the Altai High Mountain Energy Portal?

There was a great spiritually-based civilization in Central Asia, during a time when the Xingjiang Plateau of western China was a great sea. Some call this place “Shambala.” When humanity cycled into its current “materialistic” way of being, the enlightened beings were no longer generally accessible to humanity. In other words, the access portal was closed to us.

However, in the great mountain ranges that surround this former sea — the Himalayas, Tienshan, and Altai/Sayan — there are places where the gate or veil is thin and the immense energies of life flow freely. In these places, the enlightened beings appear to people as luminous, white, glowing Light Beings.  Read More

Guidance on Grounding the High Mountain Portal Energy

The general guidance is to do ceremony to connect with and ground the High Mountain Energy coming from the Altai Portal into your local Sacred Mountain sites.  We do this by our open-hearted receiving of the energy, allowing the gifts of personal healing and replenishment to inspire us into creative and loving action.

The specific guidance on the Altai Portal opening is threefold:

  • Intuition.  Use your intuition to find the best way to connect with, ground and participate in the energy being activated through the High Mountain Grid.  Once flowing, the energy will sharpen intuition as we will have connected to an ascended level of collective conscience, so ceremony might spontaneously adapt to this change.

“You will know what to do.”

  • Intention.  Set the intention to connect with the collective will of Humanity rejoining Mother Earth to  restore the Natural Balance.
  • Play!  The energy is meant to be received, to soften the blockages of fear, but most importantly, to be activated upon in manifesting one’s life purpose in loving and creative ways.

“Everybody needs to play, play, play!  Laugh, sing, dance, be goofy, hug.  Some of the “right action” needs to be play!  Do creative things, paint, draw, sing, if you are loving life you are living in “right action!”

The Illuminated Beings of Altai

The tools from the Altai Fellowship to accentuate your ceremony are:

Altai Fellowship Logo

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  3. I would love to be there for this Altai event of yours. Finances, hum! We’ll see? Personally, I have felt guided to organize a “Spiritual ‘Journey’ to Anastasia’s Rossyia”, whenever possible. Hope to pull it off this September in conjunction with the annual Anastasia Reader’s conference. The primary purpose of this trip is to connect the Russian Anastasia inspired eco-villages, her “Spaces of Love”, with those of like mind in America seeking the same. The other intention is simply to “anchor” Anastasia’s vision and possibilities into our Western culture – particularly America.

    Can we synergize these trips somehow?

    1. Hi Randall, The Altai Fellowship trip is underway and Carol Hiltner is incommunicado. The grounding events are free and being hosted around the world. You are most welcome to join us! You should communicate with Carol when she returns about coordinating trips.


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