The ALTAI FELLOWSHIP is a self-selected international group that gathered in the Altai Republic in Siberia July-August, 2011 to open an energy portal and transmit this energy out into the world . 

The Fellowship has continued receiving the energies and grounding them into their home portals through the high mountain energy grid for the past decade.

Since the global changes began to accelerate in 2020, the fellowship has been reactivated to meet humanity’s needs at this time.


  • On the New Moon of each month, Maia Rose will connect with the Illuminated Beings and share guidance.
  • On the Full Moon of each month, Maia Rose will lead a virtual Gratitude Meditation to help us continue to connect and ground the energy.
Moon Messages with Maia Rose Podcast
New Moon Messages and Full Moon Meditations via Podcast


Altai has been a place of healing and pilgrimage for millennia. There is a well-known prophecy that “out of Altai will come hope for the world.” Dare we hope that this event is the beginning of the fulfillment of that prophecy? Altai is also known as a place from which the gates of Shambhala can be accessed.

We understand that this is a gate to Shambhala, which is the enlightened spiritual governance of Planet Earth by “Light Beings,” through the vehicle of the heart. This gate was apparently closed when planetary governance shifted from spiritual to material at some point in the distant past. We understand that the opening of the gate will indicate the shift back to spiritual governance from the heart in conjunction with the “ascension” of Earth and all her children to a higher consciousness.

In this process, we are in active collaboration with both indigenous Altai people and Native AmericansIndigenous elders from various “tribes” have stepped forward to join the groups in Altai.

To optimize the flow that is accessible at this time, humans around the world are called to ground the energy into the Earth (similar to an electrical circuit).


Crystal bowl ceremony at the top of the southern-most mountain of the Urals — perched between Europe and Asia — with the Svet Center group playing Daniel’s crystal bowls.