Carol Hiltner

Modern Mystic

July 2, 1949 – August 30, 2019

Carol Hiltner was a gifted author, artist, and seamstress, an insightful counselor, and a loving mother and grandmother. Her lifelong mission was to promote peace and healing.

In the 1980s, she made two Peace Quilts on which she then obtained the signatures of most U.S. senators and states’ governors and members of the Soviet Politburo. A copy of this quilt is in Washington, D.C. She also made several patchwork quilts from children’s art, which she delivered to Russian schools.

At age 50, Carol was invited by her spirit guides to come to Siberia “to translate emerald tablets with a message for humanity.” So, from 1999 to 2011, she led twelve group and solo treks into the Altai mountains of southern Siberia. She became a passionate advocate for the indigenous people she met there, soliciting contributions to help them defend against further seizures of their land. A hotel in that area has more than 90 of Carol’s paintings displayed for its guests.

Carol’s spiritual journeys are described in three of her books: The Altai Chronicles. She wrote and published other books as well, including the poetry book Presents (1991).

The Altai Fellowship continues her work in honor of Carol Hiltner and with Gratitude to the Altai People.