Karah Pino

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Grounding Group Organizer, Website and Communications

At the age of three, Karah was taken to a Kahuna on the big island of Hawaii for a blessing. Her training in that tradition was remembered from a previous life. He has remained a guide and protector.

At age four, she moved to New Mexico and was raised near her paternal grandparents from Gallup attending pow wows and dance ceremonies. An internal vortex being activated by the spirit of the land

Immersed in the Woo

Growing up in Santa Fe, a theme park for spiritual seekers, she learned a healthy skepticism of all things woo woo and artsy fartsy.

“I was mostly a science nerd and captain of the chess team. At 15 puberty struck, rendering me sullen and irritable until I escaped to Grunge Era Seattle at age 18. I lived, worked and studied in Seattle until 1999, surprising myself by ending up with a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Art with a focus in metals including blacksmithing.”

Karah Pino

A series of traumatic experiences during Art School affirmed her committed to a creative life. Art became her main connection with the sustaining life force and therapy for PTSD.

Answering a Spiritual Calling

After following opportunities to work as a creative in Seattle and SoCal, I stumbled into a different sort of mettle-working, acupuncture. I returned to the Pacific Northwest to work on a clinical degree in East Asian Medical Practices in Portland, OR. I studied with the class of 2006, also learning in shamanic connection with a new spirit teacher. My education culminated in a personal injury, demanding the healer to heal thyself.

I came to understand I had been called to holistic medicine by a need for a deeper healing to address the PTSD that was continuing to impact my life.

After a two year recovery from a serious car accident resulting in nerve impingement and the loss of use of my right hand and arm, I was finally licensed to practice. In 2009 I helped start a community wellness center called Dragonfly Holistic Healing in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. This is when I learned the Sociocratic Solutions Process from John Buck and met Carol Hiltner and Navajo Wisdom Keeper, Patricia Anne Davis and other members of the Altai Fellowship including Krystal Kelley.

My son was born in 2010. While I was working from home, facilitating the Grounding Groups for the 2011 Altai Fellowship trek, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. When Krystal Kelley returned from the Altai Trek and started Mind Unwind, I joined as a teacher of meditation and art and as an exhibiting artist.

In 2015, I returned to Salt Lake City to raise my son and be close to my mother. We spent the 2020/2021 school year homeschooling and helping to care for my mother until her death. When Krystal contacted me to join Shifting Circles, I felt it was an answer to the challenges we have all been going through during the pandemic.