Krystal Kelley

Visionary Author, Spiritual Journalist, and Light Worker

Krystal is documenting her journey in an effort to report, from her heart, the truths that run deep within our beloved planet Earth. She is reporting her experiences with the Altai Fellowship to build a metaphorical bridge between humanity’s consciousness and our daily lives.

Broadcast Journalism to a Spiritual Path

Growing up in Seattle, Krystal wanted to be a reporter on National Geographic going on wild adventures and sharing them with the world.  She wanted to connect to people. The bug to travel transformed from a dream to a reality during her first International adventure to Southern France At age 15. 

She returned to Seattle and began studying Broadcast Journalism and International Studies at University of Washington. For the next 7 years, she worked for numerous networks, tv stations, and independent projects, all centered around broadcast news and sports  (ABC, FOX, CBS Sports). She loved the work and the people, but started to notice a pattern in news journalism that apexed on September 11, 2001. 

“On 9/11, I sat in the booth as we were broadcasting the horrific events live. I was pulling the live feed from the AP Wire and Reuters. The wire was feeding faster than ever, papers flying all over. Amid the chaos, the pattern was right in my face. And then, it happened, Master Control yelled into our headsets, “We aren’t live!! We have no feed!”  New York had pulled our live broadcast.

All news that day was fed from one source, no independent reporting, no free speech.  All my work and dreams shifted that day–I realized that TV News was dark and fear-based. I felt as if I was working within a system that no longer aligned with my dream. “

-Krystal Kelley

A New Kind of Spiritual Journalism Begins

A few weeks after 9/11, I walked out of the newsroom for the last time. I pledged to use her skills to make a positive difference in the world. “I had no idea how, but I trusted I would find out.” She entered real estate license and started a home staging company in Seattle. She worked and travelled as much as possible.

“In February of 2007, shortly after my second daughters was born, I came down with a brain and spinal cord infection that halted all work. I awoke in a hospital room where all the nurses and doctors had on Hazmat suits. At first, I thought this was a hallucination from my wild imagination, but it was real. Overcoming and recovering from that virus ignited a healing journey for me that developed into a deep and spiritual path.

While on a self-guided tour, promoting her book “The Little Bird Who Poops Art”, serendipity brought her to a street in downtown Chicago, where she met Peter Hetzel and learned about Shifting Circles television project. “I was instantly involved. This chance encounter bridged my TV broadcast experience with my new dreams for a new world.”

Documenting the 2011 Trek to Altai

“A few months later, in August of 2011, I traveled to the Altai Mountains in Siberia with the intention of documenting the Altai Fellowship and their ceremonial work to open a portal and ground the energy into Mother Earth. This expedition brought me into contact with Carol Hiltner, Karah Pino, Maia Rose and Patricia Anne Davis.

“I returned from Altai with the inspiration to form a collective art studio project called Mind Unwind. Mind Unwind ran from 2012-2016 teaching adults and children to use their creative imagination through art and meditation.

I continued to study the teachings of Patricia Anne Davis and other indigenous cultures through travel, plant medicines, sound healing, and ceremonies.

These experiences have affirmed for me over and over the interconnectedness of all living creatures, including Mother Earth. I envision a world of harmony, singing and dancing with lots of laughing and happiness.

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