Maia Rose

Telepathic Relay

Communicating with the Illuminated Beings and Shaman in Altai

Healing the Earth by healing ourselves, healing ourselves so we can heal the Earth.

Maia Rose has been doing telepathic relay since childhood.

From Maia Rose:  “ I have a number of spirit guides that talk to me including Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and my own mother.  To assist the work of the Altai Fellowship, I have been connected to the illuminated beings of Altai and the indigenous Shaman of Altai.

How I work:  I communicate directly with the guides and spirits and then I say what they say. My guides are opposed to doing predictions, because they believe that people should use their  free will to make decisions.  Instead, they do what I call “expanded understanding”.

Learn Telepathic Relay From Maia Rose
For many years Maia has had the desire to teach people how to do their own telepathic relay.

“When I’m doing these readings, I’m using my telepathy. I’m using my clair’ skills to listen to my telepathy. Sometimes I’m clairvoyant, I see pictures inside my head, and then I have to interpret them.” 

Maia Rose on Telepathic Relay

Most children have their Clair’ skills until they start public school. 

  • Seeing with Clairvoyance
  • Hearing with Clairaudience
  • Feeling with Clairsentience
  • Smelling with Clairalience
  • Tasting with Clairgustance
  • Knowing with Claircognizance

If you would like to practice reawakening your Clair’ skills with Maia Rose, please sign up to be informed as classes open up in the spring of 2022.