Toward the top of the map is Gorno-Altaisk, the capitol of Altai Republic. Novosibirsk is several hours to the north, by car.

The red diagonal line is the main road (called the Chuyksi Tract) that runs down to the border with Mongolia.

The green circle to the lower middle green circle is Tyungur village, which is the trailhead for sacred Mt. Belukha, which sits on the border with Kazakhstan, and Lake Kucherla, where we will open the Shambhala gate.

To get to Tyungur, we must go through Ust Kan and Ust Koksa town (which is the lower left green circle).

The Katun River begins on the southwestern side of Mt. Belukha, and snakes in a S-shape, first north, then east, and then north again.

The lower right green circle is Kosh Agach town. At the bottom of the map, still in the Kosh Agach district is the Ukok Plateau.

The upper middle circle is the entrance to the Karakol Valley — another very powerful place.

Trekking Map

Expected route for trekkers' group
Tyungur-Kucherla-Akkem Topographical Map


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