Puget Sound

Everett, WA

3231 Creatives

3231 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201 – map and public transit – two blocks from bus and train

Contact: Karahapinohopono

email: peaceisinpieces@gmail.com

Tel: 206-794-7231

Art and Spirit Meditation, Music and Creative Expression Festival

Aug 13th Elemental Expression Experiences:

2pm Welcoming the Participants– Add to the Elemental Altars and Expression Areas, have tea and get comfortable.

3pm Main Meditation – gifted by Native American Wisdom Keeper, Patricia Anne Davis -of Native American Concepts to connect us with the Altai Fellowship and other Grounding Groups worldwide in embodying and grounding the energy released from the sacred Altai Mountain portal.

4pm Five Element Faire  Play and Creative Time – This experience is to practice embodying the energy and moving with it through life in a loving and creative way.

Your Heavenly Hostesses to guide your way through the Faire:  

  • Danielle Gennety:  “Catalyst, Muse, and Facilitator of Flow” Mercury’s Outpost
  • Janet Gibson:  Earth Steward


  • Live Singing with Jennifer Sundstrom.  www.seattleherbalist.com
  • Shell Shakers – Make music-makers from shells
  • Play-like-Kids Area – Peace flags


  • Being the Mountain, Dance like a tree – Acting the Elements Game
  • Grounding the New Earth energy through AstroPlay:  Step into a celestial mandala of the Portal energies and enact the Full Moon in Aquarius as it occurs this day with Gretchen Lawlor, Astrologer and We’Moon Almanac writer. We’ll connect as a community, activate our creative genius, and empower our unique self through visual cue cards, attunement altars, and experiential role play. We are all in this, Together.  www.gretchenlawlor.com


  • QiGong Dancing with the Elements with Alsia Soiset, LMP. and Carrie Laffarty MovementfromWithin.net – Using Breath, slow movements and mindfulness to cultivate energy for health and a peaceful mind, embodying our connection to the elements.


  • Earth Stone Jewelry – Gems and Beads to hold and carry and wear your intentions.
  • Mountain Mystery Mural add your vision to this Collective Drawing


  • Experience yourself  Quiet Writing Space and Continued Meditation
  • Element Altars to inspire connection to our Mother Earth

6pm – Breaking Bread – Reaffirming meditation and sharing food – potluck/snacks. Please bring food to share and your own plate, cup and utensils. This experience is the beginning of true companionship, practicing connecting with others in the way of the New Earth.

7pm10pm Kirtan and Danceafestationthis experience is intended to raise the frequency further and put feet to ground with joy to plant the seeds of heaven on Earth as conscience co-creators.

  • Kirtan Sing your way into greater Oneness through sacred chants and mantras.  Experience the transcendence of chant and slip into the warm bath of sacred sound.  Kirtan (simple call-and-response singing the names of the Divine) allows the mind to rest and the heart to blossom.  No experience necessary to directly experience the bliss of chanting.  The Divine loves every voice of praise.  Facilitated by Jennifer Sundstrom and her harmonium (Indian squeeze box), we will warm up our instruments and dive deep into the bhakti vibrations.  Instruments welcome…drums, bells, rattles, etc.  Bring a cushion to sit on, and water.
  • Danceafestation with Victoria Fatula.  Danceafestation™ is a mystical movement meditation impregnated with your dreams and intentions. Dance + Meditation + Manifestation =Danceafestation™ www.Danceafestation.comThe alchemy of this practice is that of grounding our intention by creating the feeling and vibration of what we want to manifest and giving it physicality by dancing it. We will embody and dance the intentions of this portal opening as the microcosm, as the seed of a new world lived in Oneness!
    Wear clothes comfortable for movement and bring a silk veil if you have one. Journals are always a good idea!
Still Looking for:
  • Your contribution to Ceremony!
  • Volunteers for the day of the event to help keep things moving smoothly.

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